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NANCY TATE'S BEAUTIFUL CHANNELED MESSAGE ... UNIQUE NOV 27 2014 While in Spain, invited to join a special group of like-minded Ones, Nancy was asked to offer a message that could provide insight. This is the audio ... awakening us to each of our parts in the puzzle of the Oneness, and how our own movement affects all other parts. We understand the cabal, and how near they can be to Love. We learn to turn from any form of despair, and return to our higher frequency. Very enlightening ... pausing... And who is speaking through Nancy?

Healing For Ascension Tour - Radio show

Today Wednesday November 26 at 5pm PST / 8pm EDT - Channel Panel with Dr. Kathryn May, Meg Davis, Sananda and Father God! This is our new Channel Panel Program: Enlightenment Training and Support for the Boots on the Ground! Call in to listen or to speak with the host (760) 683-2637

Kathryn and Father God: The New Revolution to Restore Our Light

Kathryn: I have learned much in the past few weeks since I garnered my resignation to the Company of Heaven. My insistence on full disclosure about what our reality is, and what they are going to do to help us brought a flood of new information, and an even greater closeness and trust between me and my beloved friends in higher dimensions. I do not regret the adamant tone of my letter to them, but I understand now that they did not lie to us, but they did overestimate what we would be capable of accomplishing within the dark energy fields on Terra. This applied especially to the boots on the ground who are supposed to be doing the work to release the RV/GCR. We will not discuss or predict what will occur in that arena, but we will pray for a positive outcome for all. I have learned several things which are now a permanent part of my own consciousness. The first is that we require a new concept of how God works with us while we are here. I am convinced that they are now helping us in every way they can. If they are not doing it, it is because we have not done our part to lay the groundwork, literally, to make their contribution possible. We must completely change the way we do business here, and we must do it now. I have also become utterly convinced that the problem is the pervasive, overpowering and constantly replicated dark thoughtforms. I saw this myself as I tried to clear the planet, with an army of angels, Sirians, and Masters. All the dark corridors and underground passageways and halls of government we cleared were immediately filled with billowing waves of incoming darkness. You see, Dear Sisters and Brothers, we are so powerful that all the legions of angels in Heaven cannot defeat us when we unconsciously create darkness on our planet. I also saw that it is not the dark ones we identify and rail against who are the problem. Yes, there are a relatively few really bad apples in high places, but they are supported and obscured in their unsavory deeds by the energies the rest of us create. I saw that trying to defeat the darkness by opposing, challenging, denouncing, condemning and raging against what they are doing is the source of far more darkness than they are generating themselves. Let us send gratitude toward the courageous souls who expose the criminal behavior of the dark ones, then band together to generate enormous waves of Love and Light to wash them into the arms of those who will dispatch them quickly and without fanfare to the appropriate prison, to protect the rest of us from the danger they present. There is no need for us to do anything but take unemotional, quiet and definitive action when we see darkness around us, and return immediately to the crucial work of raising our consciousness. That action may be to walk away from a negative friend, vote for Light, or join with others to change our political, economic and social systems which uplift all, but most of all we must immerse ourselves in mindful high level consciousness. This does not permit indulging in snarly accusations, loud declarations of disappointment and disapproval, and obstructionist behavior which is inspired by prejudice or propaganda-generated fear of the sort we see now in the U.S. In other words, beware of what you feel and say in the name of “free speech and personal freedom.” Look to clearing and healing your gentle hearts, Dear Friends, and you will feel the vibration of those around you. You will not be fooled by the slick and charming advocates for war, conflict or mistrust. These are the tools they use to encourage you to generate more dark energies, for this is what they feed on. They are not real, (in that they do not have souls) but they do have consciousness and destructive intent. When we stop generating dark thoughtforms, our partners in Light will dispense with the shadows that remain. Without our active participation in clearing the energy field around Planet Earth by monitoring our own energies, we, the well-intentioned Lightworkers, will defeat our beloved partners, the Company of Heaven, because they are not permitted to force our hand. Father God will explain this in full. I welcome all to join me in this clearly defined new Revolution to Restore the Light and to proceed with our own Ascension, post haste. Father God: I am happy to be back with you today, to give you an update, a high-five and a challenge. There are many in the Lightworker community who are tired, financially strained, and beginning to lose faith that the Paradise we have agreed to create together would ever find its way into reality. We understand your impatience, but we wish to reassure you that great things have already been accomplished, and more is on the way. Many of you are aware that your Kathryn has made a stand, to insist that we not promise anything we cannot deliver, and to do everything in our power to help all of you right now. We have heard her commands, and we have come to offer the maximum assistance our previous contract with you will allow. We are doing that now. Let me tell you how. We have built a new universe for you to inhabit if you wish, upon your ascension. The pristine new Earth is ready for those who will make their transition to a new life there. In the meantime, I wish to help you achieve all that you need to do to make the comfortable and smooth transition. Perhaps if I tell you of the preparations we have made you will understand more about how we are helping you in every way we can to allow you to transition from where you are now to the New Earth. We are your creators, Mother God and I, with our beloved Prime Creator who oversees all in our Universe. We work together always, and our Angels and Masters assist with all our work, in alignment with their own preferences and special skills. The same is true for our Lightworkers on the ground. We work closely with those who are willing to dedicate their energies and their Light to creating the grids and portals, activating the crystals, clearing and balancing energies for Mother Terra and all the Earthly Kingdoms. We also work closely with our channels, our messengers and Bringers of Light, all of whom are being asked increasingly to give up all other work to concentrate on fulfilling the duties which were designated to humans long ago when this plan was created. You see, the ones who have agreed to work with us without question, often without rest, and without financial rewards have been filling the required positions as “boots on the ground,” carrying the weight of the entire project, against great odds. They are too few in number, and so they must work tirelessly, or the Great Plan, which is the Ascension of all humankind, would not be completed. This was not the original intention when we all made this plan together. All were expected to help with the ascension process, by teaching others, working on their own ascension practices, and helping to clear away all dark thoughtforms, to allow all facets of the plan to “roll out” smoothly, as you say. As you have seen in the chaotic fits and starts since 12/21/12, all has not gone as beautifully as we had hoped. Humankind has been increasingly swept up in the negativity, discontent and imbalance which has a way of feeding on itself. This, you see, is the effect that occurs when one human creates a negative energy field, which then ignites similar feelings in others, and in others, in a chain reaction, deepening in darkness as it spreads through whole families, communities, even nations. This process is inflamed by the world media, including the entertainment industry, to such an extent that it has created a dense, distorted energy field containing layer upon layer of illusion. These layers of illusion make it very difficult for us to keep the lines of communication open with you, although we make every effort to do so. We require that you clear away the distortions by reaching through the warped energy field to make contact with us, as humankind has always done in times of trouble, and to repair the damage done by the dark thoughtforms. Now, before you begin to imagine a world over-run by boogie men from a mysterious and malevolent world, let me assure you there is no such thing happening on Earth now. The malevolent souls - mostly Reptilians - were removed more than a year ago, in August of 2013. What remains are the memories, the philosophy, and the belief systems of those dark ones, who were instrumental in corrupting nearly every religious, social, political, economic, educational and health care system on the planet. They are no longer here, but what you call a legacy lives on in the minds of humankind. My Beloved Children, I have not been truthful enough with you. I have not chastened you nor criticized you, because this is not my way, but in leaving you completely to live out your free will mandate on Earth, I have not guided you enough. I have not truly given you the picture of what we see, for we hoped that our positive channeled messages, and the very uplifting radio shows we have presented for you - especially the one-a-day channeled messages and Ascension Training and Healing shows with Kathryn, Meg and Sananda - would awaken you to the necessity for all of you to make clear and dramatic changes, now. They have not succeeded as we had hoped. You greatly enjoyed the efforts of our Lightworkers, but it did not have a lasting effect. We saw that Kathryn was tiring, so we prompted her to write her resignation letter, because we knew she would not leave her work otherwise. Of course, she has continued to work with us intensively on other important projects for the past few weeks. We have considered deeply in our Councils why it is that our most brilliant works (if we do say so) seemed to help our children to feel better for a while, but did not in the end accomplish the goal of helping them break through the layers of illusion as quickly as we had hoped. You see, we underestimated how truly beleaguered, anxious and preoccupied our children really are, and how difficult it is to break through the dark thoughtforms. We now see that having been completely immersed in illusion and darkness creates a sort of feeling-vortex within the human mind and body which makes it very hard to regain your balance and clear vision. It has made you question your own intelligence, to mistrust your feelings, and to separate from your hearts in order to avoid the pain you anticipate at every turn. You have become confused, overwhelmed and frustrated because you have lived in a house of mirrors where nothing was what it seemed to be. And as you were drowning in the waves of illusion, you let go of our hand. Humans have also become used to observing interesting but spiritually meaningless forms of entertainment which offer momentary relief from their stresses. This makes it difficult to change channels in order to absorb our messages truly and deeply enough to allow us to be seen vividly, to feel our hearts connected to yours, and picture yourselves as the Galactic Beings you actually are. We have recently come closer to you, since some of our Masters have lived for a time within the bodies of our Lightworkers and channels. We are now realizing that the effect of having lived within this matrix of darkness and illusion is that it has accelerated the creation of dark thoughtforms exponentially, even after the Reptilians were removed, because all of humanity was so entangled and enmeshed in the labyrinthine structure that they were inadvertently reproducing the very nightmares they so wanted to leave behind. I truly want to help you, my Dear Children, to learn about the blueprint for dissolving this old matrix. We designed it together, and because of your free will status, it was agreed that you would do your half of the work from your position on the ground, and we would do ours from our higher dimensions. It was a bargain made in our hearts, a vow we cannot break. Unfortunately, we were all a bit overly optimistic about how difficult your part of the agreement would be, and how skillful and quick you would be in breaking out of your shell to fly to your freedom. Of course, we did have the foresight to write clauses into our agreement which would allow for your rescue in the case of impending nuclear holocaust, and we have acted upon that option by neutralizing nuclear weapons. We regret that we cannot simply bring you the benefits we envisioned together, for we would have to do it by force, and that is not permissible. We honor your integrity and ours. You might say that our hands are tied, but it is not by any ultimate power or manifest destiny, but by the simple promise we have made to you to respect you and to not interfere with your lives in any way not permitted by your contracts. In the final analysis, it is the dark thoughtforms you are now creating, as you go through your day, that are tying our hands. It is ironic, is it not, for you to learn that your relationship to God is the opposite of what you thought it was? You see, it is not we who now control and determine what happens in our work together, it is you. We do not wish to leave you bereft and disillusioned after learning these truths, that we are not all-powerful, and that we cannot simply snap our fingers and make your world a better place. We do work with you to bring you good fortune and blessings all through your lives, but we will not take over for you, nor will we take you over. It is not that we are lacking in power, for we are Creators, of course. What we wish for you to now absorb completely is that you too are powerful creators. As a group consciousness, you have created a massive cloud of conflicting energies which obscure the visibility on Earth as much for us as it does for you. We are well aware that there are many among you who are not going to hear or understand these words, and many more who resist changing their thinking or their ways. We know you may be outnumbered, but the playing field is leveled, you see, by the fact that Light has more power than darkness, so the dramatic shift can be accomplished by only the Lightworkers who are awake now, if they all work together. We take that into account when we ask you to come forward to help in this Great Plan in the most effective way you can possibly do. It is a difficult task, but one you have yearned to complete all your lives. We are here to stand by you, to offer you a steady stream of Love to wash over you, and Light to guide you. Here is your assignment: We ask you to purify your thoughts, to raise your consciousness to the highest dimension you can reach (and you all can easily reach the 5th, and many the 7th, 8th and 9th level). This means being constantly mindful, unremittingly attentive. We ask you to rise to a profoundly sophisticated level of self-awareness, until you are so cognizant of every thought and every feeling that you will find you need new words to describe the nuances you find within yourself. Then raise the bar. Purify your feelings. You will notice immediately that this process is impossibly unpleasant if you harbor any feelings of guilt, regret, self-doubt, self-hatred, or impatience. This includes anxiety (fear), depression, and “stress.” You cannot annoy and disapprove of yourself and also learn to know yourself completely. You must be kind, utterly accepting of past blunders and mistakes, unconditionally forgiving of your limitations and so-called failings, and then, completely relentless about being conscious in the present. Love grows where consciousness goes. You will not be doing this deep-self diving, as we have called it, in vain. Not only will the Universe benefit from your upwardly mobile energy force, but you will too. Once you release the tie-downs which are dark thoughtforms of self-denigration, and the unconscious denigration of others which accompanies it, you will take off like a rocket. You will feel a rush of love from the top of your head to your toes. Hold your state of higher consciousness, and you will begin to radiate Light. People of similar consciousness will be drawn to you, and you will be drawn to yourself. You will have the pleasure of your own good company every minute of every day. Stay in touch. You will match your vibration to ours. Yes, you can. We will meet you half-way, and help you to ascend upward with every breath, every loving thought. You will feel our great Love pouring down upon you, at the moment the dark thought forms within your own consciousness have been dissolved. You will feel yourself stepping into your true identity as a Master, a God, and a Galactic Being of Light. Here is the second part of your assignment. Read our book, “Who Needs Light?” all the way through, watch the videos on YouTube on Kathryn’s channel, beginning with the Visual Centering videos and the health guidance, (removing all meat products from your diet now), read back through earlier messages especially those from September and October to the present, and watch the movie “Interstellar” as many times as possible. Three times is barely enough. All these things have been designed, co-created and sent to you from the Company of Heaven, under the direction of your Sananda, to help you prepare for your coming Ascension, which will be imminent for those who do the inner work we are guiding you through now. Know that you are loved, respected and admired by your Company of Heaven, the great Intergalactic Councils, and by Prime Creator. We are here to create the New World you will be inhabiting, and we will give you the tools to make your transition possible, but we will not be forcing you through the portals into your new life. This you must do for yourselves, with our blessings and our unending Love. I am your Father God, eternally at your service, with great joy as we venture into your new reality together. Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 24, 2014 Donations to support our work are greatly appreciated Go to, and send to via "friend or family." Like us on Facebook: Healing For Ascension Tour Internet Radio shows: Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light? Jesus Sananda - Autobiography and New Scriptures Subscribe/Sign up to these messages Archives of written channelings Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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The People (1972)

This is a very interesting movie about people from another planet living on earth, it is not a horror movie even though it has been added to some that maybe

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These are energetic patterns that attach themselves to our energetic field/auric field. These are mostly the kind that are disruptive to our day to day lives . Recognising and clearing these with a higher energy(white light) will generally allow for a return to a calmer state

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update - August 26 th 2014

The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of course, is to lead to disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and space family! from PAO 3 Ben, 11 Uo, 11 Ik Dratzo! We return with many good things to talk about! The most important is the rising flow of funds throughout your globe. The ancient families have begun disbursements, which are to lead to the global EXCHANGE of RV and a major currency reset. In addition to these events, there is the disbursement of funds from the prosperity programs and the world humanitarian projects. These things are built around two other events. First, there is the proclaiming of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness, and secondly, the rise of the many GESARA governments, starting with the one in the USA. These various new governments are to pave the way not only for prosperity, but also for the moment of disclosure. Once you have discovered that we exist, you can be ready for announcements from your cousins in Inner Earth and from us. Your living planet is hollow and has a very special core or central sun. This inner sun is responsible for the auroras that you see nightly in the extreme northern and southern parts of your surface realm. This phenomenon is part of the many mysteries, which exist across your world. We are here to explain them to you. Your world is part of a vast solar system that is several billion miles in diameter. Despite its size, this system of planets is rather small. Yet it wondrously contains the remnants of four water worlds. This makes it unique in this galaxy. One of the things, which are to occur, is the restoration of these worlds to their former states. When this is accomplished you are to be part of a most beautiful and unique home for humanity. Your primary stewardship is to watch over this magnificent place and to welcome many to your home worlds. Beings from across physicality are to come to create organizations to SPREAD the Light and the sacred decrees of Heaven. The dark had this galaxy in its charge for literally a billion years. Now, the Light is to come and learn from your accumulated wisdom on this matter. You were plunged by trickery into the horror of limited consciousness. The dark used your new limitations to create a race of slaves to work their darkness upon you. You had no choice but to obey. Yet within you was a Spirit, which chafed at this reckless domination. This spirit caused your off-world dark masters to destroy your global societies not once, but three times. You retain only a vague remembrance of this in your inner memories and in your jumbled histories. The Ascended Masters are to come and, in divine time, teach you this and more. We are to come to act as mentors and stewards to the process, which you are only in the beginnings of experiencing. Our mentors need to literally look you in the eye and teach you about yourself. You possess much that you barely acknowledge. This requires a drawing out process. At times, this can be emotionally and mentally quite painful. We understand how hard this is to be. Nevertheless, you need to face your demons and learn how to truly let them go. This is something we face in between our lifetimes, and when we work daily with a specially trained counselor. We have a process built around the Four Laws, which is sacred to us. We seek to refine our spiritual aspect and to vastly improve its relationship with its integrated physical aspect. We understand how vital it is to practice Love and to use the wisdom of the Light upon each other and ourselves. We live long lives, set up to explore physicality and learn immense wisdom from the stars. This wisdom is passed down in what we mutually call our Book of Understanding. Millions of years ago, we first faced the dark and learned of its ways across this galaxy. The Anchara continuum taught us numerous things. We took these and asked our heavenly counselors for advice. It is a series of answers, which has sustained us. Heaven gave us the Four Societal Laws and the beginnings of our Book of Understanding. We come to mentor you and show you how you can begin your own book of wisdom and understanding. We cherish what you are to teach us. Prophecy foretold long ago what is now occurring across this galaxy. We therefore come to fulfill this prophecy and shepherd the instrument, which returns you to the Light and to full consciousness. The events, which follow, are simply the means by which all of this happens! Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with much to say! You are approaching the next steps in your divine march to full consciousness. The next set of Ascension symptoms is to concern the new balances between the new chakras and the old. These alterations also concern your body’s meridian system. Up till now, you have had the new chakras come online and affect the natural balance in your physical self. These changes need to start to realign how your body reacts to different kinds of stimuli. This allows your brain to be able to better regulate the new equilibrium being created by your various body guardians. During this time, we can start to develop new patterns, which can help your body lessen the stress produced by the introduction of 4 new body chakras and two that balance your connections to the divine FEMALE and male. Thus, your body can start to repair some of the distress created by the preparations for your coming Ascension. This blessed series of alterations is readying you for the introduction of your mentors. During our last lifetimes before our Ascension, we were given the opportunity to receive a better understanding of what we had elected in Heaven to achieve. You are now to be given this same opportunity. Each of you requires a better feeling about the transformations that you are going through. Heaven asked us to explain this to you and to ask you to request assistance from each of us as needed. Take this time to address us with your prayers and meditations. We are ready to show you what you are going through and provide means for alleviating your pains and sorrows. This assistance is a divine intervention. It is to permit you to gradually heal and prepare for the time when you are to meet your assigned mentor. Until then, we can assist you in a meaningful way. You are our blessed army of the Light! What Heaven is doing is to assure each of you that you are here for a sacred time and need to better understand this. You are not being punished. Instead, you are being blessed by the gentle energies of Heaven. Each of you has a special life contract and you need time to heal and to be touched divinely by our heavenly hosts and us. So do not forget to send prayers to Heaven and to us. It is a time for healing and a time to re-dedicate yourselves to this sacred cause. When the various gift programs PAY OUT, you also need to look deep inside and once more pledge yourself to the Light! Look upon these as times in which some amazing events are to happen. See all of this as merely items which prophecy brought forth! You are here to bring the Light to this realm and to collectively vanquish the dark and its vile ways. Rejoice and accept the righteous gift of Heaven! Hossana! Hossana! Hosanna! Today, we continued our messages to you. The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of COURSE, is to lead to disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and space family! Many great things are indeed ready to happen. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) Copyright © White CLOUD Inc Green Valley AZ 85614

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Wake up Call Montusa Transcribed by Nancy Tate July 28, 14 I welcome you this morning to my energy. I am Montusa, and I come to you from the Pleiades. I am the forefather of what is coming for all of you on earth. I am here to speak with you about when it is time for the onslaught of the ruination of the life on earth to be forever stopped it will be in the blink of an eye, as has been so often prophesied in your messages and other writings for so long. It is a for-coming of the ease in which there will be the transition to a peaceful way of life and the beginning of your new mission in this universe. Yes, I say this because it is so close now to that new way of being that there are many of you who are awakening to that truth. It is at such a point now that there will be nothing that can stop things from turning in the direction of Peace, Joy and Love in every nuance of living on earth and within. There will be an opening that will be presented to all of you on the surface to explore within this beautiful, bountiful planet and to see the truth of what has been being told by many messengers. One of those messengers I speak of is Zaraya, who has been working steadfastly over the past few years in the interest of becoming the spokesperson for the promise that awaits all of you when you are able to welcome back the life that has been living within this planet, in Inner and Hollow Earth. It is a ‘going on’ process that has been being brought to the surface, in recent times more than before. There is reason for that and it is in keeping with what has been being told over the decades and before of what the truth is about why and how the ones who have been living there came to take their places in guardianship over all of their family on the surface. Yes, Zaraya’s father, Zorra, is one of us who came to this planet from the Pleiades and realized that his journey was to be within this earth until it is known that there is more than meets the eye with this planet earth. As more of the truth is coming to the surface there is a great fortitude that is building over the surface. It is in keeping with the wonder that shines forth from so many of you now. That is the cornerstone of what will be coming forth in the coming evolutionary experiences here on and within earth and on out into the homeland of this universe. I will come to you from time to time through this one, and as the times go on we will be discussing what it is that you are creating for your new lives on and within earth. We will speak of how that will be inspiring you to the welcoming that will be coming to you from out in the universe. As the next times come and go you will be creating so much that will answer questions about some of the new information that has been coming in the past several years. One of those pieces of information that will be more thoroughly brought forward is about the Mushaba energy, which is now known as the Love Essence of Mushaba. It is an energy from which the origin of this experience on earth was created by the original idea from The Creator. It is information that you will find is in tune with all of the other information that has been brought forward and lived for so long. As more and more of you have tuned in to your own inner knowing, you have come to realize that there is nothing more powerful than that which is within. Once you go to that inner ground of knowing then there is nothing that can dispute it or take it to a level of forgetfulness again. That idea of non-remembrance has taken its course and now it is time to go on from there in full remembrance and take it to the non-limits forever and always. I take my leave of this message for now. I tell you all that I am so pleased to be able to now introduce myself to you and to be in perfect harmony forever and always into infinity and the beauty of our beingness as family. Love is all there is. Thank you dear Montusa, Much Love, Nancy Tate

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Dana Carpenter Brings us Teachings of the Masters

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Archangel Michael: Rewiring Your Brain to Receive Joy JULY 2014

Archangel Michael: Rewiring Your Brain to Receive Joy Archangel Michael: We have asked our channel to send you a message every day until the Revaluation of Currencies takes place. There is much for us to talk with you about, and it is a time of high energies and high emotions. This also makes it a very good time for learning new ways of thinking and being. I want to talk with you about the quality of your relationships - the ones with your loved ones, your friends, your boss and your leaders. You have come through thousands of years of conflict, disappointment and pain. It has prepared you well for continuing conflict and pain, but not for unconditional, unending Love. This is one of the reasons many on Earth now find it so hard to imagine that we in the higher dimensions do not condemn or punish; it has become inconceivable to your poor bruised egos to imagine that anyone in authority could be so kind and accepting. It is not your fault. How could you imagine something you have never seen in this lifetime? This is only possible if you are living deep inside your heart, and are able to unlearn all the conditioned responses that have been laid down in the overworked fight-or-flight patterns in your brain. This is the neurological programming to your physical body that we are going to help you with now. It is a different kind of healing - one which will affect everything you feel and especially everything you experience in your relationships. I will begin with the illustrations of how these patterns in your brain are laid down, and how we see their effects in your behavior. Then, tomorrow, our beloved Sanat Kumara, the one who has been Kathryn’s teacher and friend for 40 years, will help you to devise a meditation and a clear pathway to freedom to help you leave behind these handicaps you now carry in your human brain. We are delighted to have as our channel the one whose work it was to develop and practice these methods over all these years. There are no accidents, are there? We will work with her knowledge base and consult with her was we present these Lessons in Change. You see, we always work with you in this way too, combining our talents and sensibilities, our wisdom and yours. This is the way we have brought humankind to the place you are now, poised on the threshold of dramatic and triumphant Ascension. There is another profound step toward freedom which you all need to take now. Come with me. I will show you what we see. The human body is a magnificent creation, developed over eons to be the most adaptable, sturdy “machine” in the Universe for the inhabitation of a soul. Oh, yes, there are other magnificent creations as well, but none as perfectly designed to allow for the expression of the feelings, actions and will of the Creator. You may be shaking your heads in disbelief, even though you have heard many times that you were created in the image of our Creator. Of course, there are some loose ends to be tied up and some temporary adaptations to be reworked, but on the whole, you are brilliant even in the relatively primitive state of development you are experiencing now. Do not feel insulted, Dear Ones, as if I were judging you and your own development. This is not what we are now working together to improve. Your beautiful human equipment (not the soul identity you are) is now up for an overhaul, an upgrade, you might say, and we are going to do that together, you and I. This time, you will not turn your equipment over to a doctor or mechanic to fix it. You will be in charge of the level of upgrade you are given, and how you will use it. I am going to give you a picture of what we see when we look into your brain and your body. It is very easy for us to see the patterns of energies as they are expressed in the cells of your various operating systems in your body. We can read the patterns of light and darkness, colorings and intensities which show up on our “screen” as we observe your actions and the physical response to your feelings. This ability to see energy patterns and their effects in the body are the basis for all the new “energy healing” techniques your healers have been developing and using very effectively in recent years. They are discovering how to use the abilities you have as a matter of course in your Higher Self - to bring that awareness down into your body consciousness. It is just one expression of the ongoing evolution of human abilities you are experiencing now. Let us begin with an example of how living in anxiety has affected your nervous system and therefore your entire body. You can refer to Kathryn’s book, “Who Needs Light?" for a full explanation of how emotional patterns from infancy are laid down in the brain and become the superhighway for later emotional responses. Imagine our two friends, Dave and Sue. Both had what most people would think of as a good childhood. They grew up in moderately prosperous suburbs in the U.S. where fathers went to work and most mothers were also entering the work force but still carried much of the responsibility for childcare. They went to school, graduated from high school without any obvious outward trouble, and both attended college before they married and settled down to begin a life of striving to “succeed” in the workplace. Given that both were able to find jobs and bring in enough money to support themselves and their healthy, growing family, you would think they must be happy with their life. Unfortunately, all is not right in their version of Paradise. Sue feels exhausted and overworked, and often resents Dave’s activities apart from the family, when he spends a day playing golf with his buddies or watches long hours of sports on TV while she cares for the children, cooks for all of them, and spends her weekends driving to children’s activities and running errands in between. Sue wants to be loving, kind and patient with her children, but she finds herself being short-tempered and dictatorial when the list of responsibilities she shoulders becomes overwhelming. She loves her children deeply, but finds it difficult to express her love through gentle tolerance. She feels helpless to change the situation, because all her friends seem to suffer from the same malaise, and their husbands are much like her Dave. Sue doesn’t want to deprive him of the leisure time with his friends because she knows it would create resentment toward her, and her position of being economically dependent upon him as the father of her children leaves her feeling wary and uncertain. Sue must hide her feelings of resentment and jealousy out of fear that she would sound shrewish and demanding, and she does not want to see herself that way. She knows that the decision for her to go out to work was partly her own, but now she regrets the hours she spends at a desk doing work she does not particularly like, wishing she could be at home with her kids without being rushed and stressed out. Dave is not faring much better. Life is not the beautiful picture he envisioned when he and Sue decided to get married. He had great hopes for his success in his work, but the economy has not prospered the way he had hoped, and the market for his work has waned enough to make him feel afraid for the future of his family. He would prefer that Sue not have to work, but the idea being the sole earner fills him with dread. He sees how hard she works, but cannot do what she does very well, and it makes him feel even more guilty and inadequate when he tries to help her out. It makes him feel like a child himself. He hates the feeling of being overwhelmed, and he does everything possible to avoid it. A night out in the bar joking and flirting with his coworkers helps, but of course it means he is leaving Sue at home alone to do laundry and take care of the kids. He does love his children, and loves to play with them and take them to the park or coach their games, but he is at a loss when it comes to braiding his daughter’s hair, and his squeamishness about diapers and personal hygiene is entrenched. He only wishes he and Sue could restore the sweet feelings of physical attraction they used to have, but it is more and more difficult to find time for being intimate. They are so often uncomfortable in each other’s presence, and leftover small squabbles from the day are brushed aside because they can’t seem to find a way to resolve them. Dave and Sue are skirting the edge of the cliff, living a life of unfulfilled promises which lead to resentment and divisiveness. The more uncomfortable they are with each other, the more their children are expressing it in tantrums, aggressive behavior and sullen pouting. Everyone in this “ideal” family is feeling the strain. How do we know the intimate feelings and thoughts of our beloved human charges? We see the patterns of emotion light up in their bodies and their brains as they experience their life challenges. When Dave calls Sue to tell her he will be late, we see the flash of energy/light flow like lightening from the place in her pre-frontal cortex (forward brain) down through her brainstem, igniting the fight-or-flight response which touches off a flood of adrenaline and other hormones which are immediately released into her bloodstream. Her heart begins to pound (we can hear its echo on the airwaves) as she struggles against anger and jealousy, both of which show up in the color of the energy produced in the limbic (feeling/emotional) center of her brain, just forward and below the adult operating center we have been teaching you to adapt as your command center. As we watch, we see the flashes of intense energy touching off responses in her body - in her stomach, her solar plexus, her gut, and her lungs. The brain circuit, from just behind her eyes to the limbic system, to the brain stem and downward into her body, engages her adrenal glands, then cascades through her body like a waterfall of intense energy which her body will need as much as 72 hours to reabsorb and balance. In the process, Sue's heart is engaged to pump blood faster to her extremities, to allow her to fight or flee, but the intensity of the adrenaline response does not allow her to engage the deep feelings of her heart, her Love center. And so she struggles, trying to overcome the anger at being left yet again to shoulder responsibilities she expected to share, losing her grip on the gentle comforts of being in love with her partner. She feels the only recourse to try to calm the rising panic is to take the drug her doctor recommended. It subdues her feelings and allows her to float free, disconnected from her feelings and therefore from her life and the joy it might offer, if she knew how to access the connections to her heart. Meanwhile, Dave’s brain is going through a mirror process. His brain registers first the feelings of longing for something he cannot quite identify. It is a familiar response which originates close to the hunger centers in his brain, in the hypothalamus, a small but powerful little gland tucked deep into the lower brain, behind the palate. Dave does not know how to find satisfaction for the feelings of longing he feels, and so he turns to food, alcohol, and a night with friends who will joke and play with him. He does not absorb the joy which might have resulted from his encounters because the alcohol inhibits the transmission of feelings, but this is not the only reason. The connection from his hypothalamus to his heart is so little used that he does not know how to access it. Years of training to “use your head”, be “rational” and “control yourself” (meaning suppress your feelings) have created a feedback loop within his brain and body which has no outlet in his heart. As he turns to join his friends, a momentary wave of shame and guilt floods the limbic centers of his brain, lighting up dark purple, with waves of red and orange. This is a complex, far-reaching response to emotional needs which have gone unfulfilled since early childhood. As the initial fear-based response floods his body, it touches off another survival-oriented system which sends energy caroming around his brain to areas which are associated with identity, self-worth, security and well-being. In moments of threat to his primitive (child-like) feelings of psychological safety, the energy flow organizes into established patterns we would call “ego.” We identify these entrenched patterns by their dark colors and intense, circulatory, repetitive quality. They flash and course around the lower systems of the brain without breaking through into the center channel which leads to the center of the heart. The heart does indeed beat faster, but it is with fear, and so the living heart center is not activated. Instead, Dave feels an aching heaviness around his heart, as energy coagulates rather than flows. This is the beginning of what we see as a “heart condition” in its early stages. Dave responds by fighting his way out of the guilty feelings with defiance. His ego kicks in to remind him of his right to do whatever he wants since he is an adult (a child’s view of adulthood, originating from his center of focus just behind his eyes), and he feels a sense of recklessness and abandon which is the closest he can get to freedom. He feels titillated, daring, and sexually stimulated. He is an affair waiting to happen. We see wreckage ahead in his life path, and feel the pain of knowing how these beloved human travelers have suffered in their valiant but unsuccessful attempts to find any kind of real balance or fulfillment for themselves and each other. In both Sue and Dave, the deepest body and brain centers - from the center of your heart to the center of your adult brain, to the crown chakra where you connect with us in higher dimensions through the energy channel which naturally runs downward through your entire body and into the loving, nourishing Mother Earth - have been discredited, denied and nearly obliterated by long years of training and “civilization.” We see your suffering, Beloved Ones, in the darkened colors of your physical body and your aura. The vivid picture of your being reads PAIN. How could we feel anything but compassion and love for you? You have braved the rapids of this tempestuous river you call life. You have come here to learn, to teach and to grow. It is now your time to be free of these old patterns of pain which, ingrained, create a repetitive cycle which brings further pain. Now that you have heard and felt the truth of my description of the cycles of emotion you have been caught up in, use the picture of your brain and body (there are many available on the internet) to dislodge old patterns. Create new channels to carry different sequences of feelings which will light up higher areas of your brain, literally, bringing comfort and love to every nerve ending, every circuit that fires, every spark of life in your body. Begin with the true center of your physical being, which is your heart. Breathe deeply, concentrating on the center of your heart. Let go of your brain entirely, physically. Feel the muscles and nerves ease as you breathe healing oxygen through your resting brain, directed by your overseeing Higher Self. Your Higher Self has no need for the thinking parts of your brain right now. No thoughts are needed, just images of the inside of your head, your living brain, absorbing the sweet energy of Light to ease and erase all pain. See the channels which have carried old images and thoughts of fear, but DO NOT GO INTO THEM. Instead, surround them with Light energy as it flows with the oxygen into your entire system. Here is the key: As you renew and cleanse the areas of your brain, especially those that connect with your brainstem where the fight or flight response originates, be acutely aware and mindful that you must not re-ignite them, or your hard work is for naught. It would be like scrubbing your floors till they are spotless, then walking across them with muddy feet. This is the reason change is so difficult. Your “natural” tendency is to immediately re-establish the pain channels and their corollary ego channels which are so familiar, tried and true, so to speak. You will catch yourself at it when you hear yourself thinking about past hurts, unresolved anger and pain. Do not go there! Instead, turn your sights to the Light, connect with me and feel the great Love I have for you. I offer you the power of my great silver sword and great blue flame to cleanse and release you from all past suffering. Reach now for the highest vibration you can feel in your heart and soul. Reach for us, Beloved Ones. Feel the love for yourselves that we feel. Banish all the old feelings that required an intense ego response which is always based in fear. Let the warmth of acceptance, Love and hope wash over you, replacing pain with Joy. You then become the receptacle of Joy that you were meant to be. It is in your nature, Dear Ones, to be happy. You do not have to learn it from scratch. You were born with the capacity to Love and to communicate with us and with God. Claim your birthright now! Let your Light energy fill every pore, every fiber, every nerve. You will feel the light dawning inside your Self! This is your new day dawning, and you will teach all humankind with the example of one who arises from the proverbial ashes, brand new and in Love. I celebrate you, I Love you eternally, and I await your return to my embrace. I am your Michael, Archangel in loving service to humankind. Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, July 10, 2014, 5 PM, New York Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Star Elders, Alduman July 07, 14

We are here today to see the wonders that you do every day and through the times that are upon you. We are here now because it is our time to accompany you through the coming times. This one is here to introduce you to us; we are the Star Elders who come to you from the Inner Earth and Hollow earth. We accompany all of you through this transitory time on your planet and beyond. We came here from the universe, and have been here within since this all began on this planet. First I will speak for the group of us who are now with you. We come to you directly from the Mushaba energy in the first universe. I am Alduman, and I speak in behalf of all of us Star Elders. We come in the directive of the Creator to assist you through the times in which you will be transitioning back to your higher selves and the newness in which you will find yourselves. What has taken place in this episode of duality is that you have experienced a whole new paradigm of existence. You have crossed many boundaries that you all put into place in this experience. It is time now for the transition to open up and allow you the access to the new way of being and the essence of the Love energy that is within you that speaks of the Mushaba energy that is in place now. I will give you a piece of the news that you have created for yourselves and how it is to be followed through your own inner guidance. It is a matter of you being able to tune in to the knowing that you have in place for what is to come in your new living of the Light. You have created a paradigm in which you will be exploring not only the outer units of the universal existence, but you will also see what it is on your inner plane that is in usage for this very journey that I speak of. You are at the point where the process is directing you to the knowing of what it is that you have been in the process of building for this next step in your journey. As the pieces come into view on your inner scale, you will be able to decipher the feelings and inspirations that come to you. You will realize what they are saying and how they are assisting you in the new way of life on earth and throughout your explorations of this universe that was created for this purpose. It has only just begun as so often is spoken and sung by you. As you step forth in the various ways that you will be choosing, you will discover the many points of power that you have in place and will be able to use in the next positions of expression that you will be involved with. Right now this message is for you all to see and hear about us and to ready yourselves for our interaction with you. This involvement will be a very gradual thing, and as we make ourselves known to you it will be a homecoming that you didn’t even know you were anticipating. However, it will become clear to you as you progress through the next months into the new years of expression that you will be making. It is a time for all of you to look forward and see what it is that you are creating in the moment and how it will affect the next one and on into the next and the next. It is a way that you have been preparing for, and it will show you what you will be creating in the power that you have that involves the freedom that you are regaining for yourselves. The Love that you are is to be regarded in a way that you will find is the most incredible energy. It is the wonder that is created in the essence of the Love that you are, that will be at the center of your beingness. It is the power of selfness that you will rediscover. You will be able to see what the choices that you have been making have added to the expression of who you are and what you are capable of. I leave this message now with a great deal of Love. I see the potential that you are already tapping into and creating more of with each step. We shall be back in the times to come welcoming you to our world and watching as you create your own expression of that world in your own, creating it all in the Oneness which it already is. Go forward in peace, joy and Love, and as you do we dance and sing alongside you. Thank you so much dear Star Elders, Much Love, Nancy Tate

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father God: On the New Ascension Path

Father God: It has been an intense week for many of our Lightworkers on the ground. Energies continue to flow in great waves from the Great Central Sun, our Source. These powerful energies are specifically designed to help those on Planet Earth and elsewhere to raise their vibrations as part of the Universal ascension program. It is especially helpful at this time for humankind, as all DNA is being influenced in the conversion from carbon to crystalline-based functioning. You are probably curious about how this change in your DNA will affect how you operate, how you feel, and what difference it makes. I will give you the not- too-technical explanation. You are familiar with the power of a crystal to hold information. Many of you are learning about the scientific uses for crystals as powerful storage and transmission devices. Imagine the difference between creating a computer storage or transmission device with a lump of coal, as opposed to the delicacy and intricate capacities of an equal amount of diamond or emerald. This is the kind of transition you will experience - a huge jump in the power of your brain, your physical health, and especially your psychic abilities. As your ability to receive and transmit psychic information, you will begin to access the wisdom of the Universe - the Greater Soul which informs and guides all creatures, large or small. In your case, you will, as human beings, become much closer to your Galactic brothers and sisters because you will be able to communicate with them directly, across great distances and across dimensions, as a few of your "channels" are able to do now. As you raise your spiritual vibration, you will be given more and more of the crystalline components which are awakening in your DNA stands. It is not a matter of individually being given a gift from Creator, but rather it is for you individually to claim the great gift which is available for all who reach for it. Yes, you will need to elevate yourselves to a state of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and kindness in order to open your body systems to the complete shift. Those who are still at a lower vibrational level will be helped by the incoming energies but will not be able to absorb as much or transition as rapidly, but all will eventually experience the change. What are the advantages of opening to the incoming catalyst and the effect it brings? I will give you a few examples of the great advances you will experience. Not only will you be able to communicate with beings throughout the universe, but you will be able to harness the power of creativity and manifestation in far more powerful ways. Where it now takes days or weeks to manifest the visions you create with your thoughts and feelings, you will find yourself truly creating magic, as your thoughts are manifested immediately. The transmission of your Light energy will reach far and wide, as you have seen depicted in the paintings of your powerful Masters with halos, radiating Light. You will have the same power, and more. It is this personal power which has been used in your distant past to elevate great stones, to build massive structures without machinery, and to power and direct great spaceships. Yes, you, within the structure of your human body, are truly a free energy generator. As your body evolves into a more sophisticated and complex resource, it will become far easier for you to understand and develop more advanced technologies. Just as you now design cameras to mimic the human eye, and wireless cell phones to mimic telepathy, you will understand the elegant principles behind our more advanced technologies which are reflections of our individual and group states of being. Your evolution has already begun, and with it you will see all around you the springing up of new creativity, original ideas, and remarkable talents which have been unheard of in your lifetimes. Already you are seeing the appearance of children who are magnificent artists, precocious musicians and marvelous performers. You are going to see a global burgeoning of the arts which will be far beyond anything that appeared during the Renaissance in Europe. You will be filled with awe and wonder at the delightful gifts you will receive in the form of inspiring song, elevating poetry and painting to make your hearts sing with joy. You will begin to see what it means to be "made in God's image". You will see architecture to reflect the marvels of the Grand Canyon, and gardens which will speak to your heart of Eden. You will grow fruits and vegetables of such superb quality that you will wonder at how you ever survived on the so-called food of "the old days". You will find yourselves developing skills and talents to a much greater degree than you ever had the time or the ability to achieve, and you will live long years to develop those talents. As your bodies and brains evolve, some of you will experience leaps and bounds in your development, as when you are able to ascend to the higher dimensions for "fine tuning" as we have described - a makeover to complete your transition to perfect health and youthful bodies, as you desire. All is possible as you raise yourselves higher on the vibration scale. This process will move quickly for some, less quickly for others, but all will eventually move into the higher dimensions, as you have been promised. The process I am describing does not sound like the all-or-nothing Ascension you have been told about earlier, does it? This is because you have jumped across timelines to a rather different ascension process - one which will be more beneficial to the group as a whole. Those on the fast track will feel great benefits which will bring them happiness and many delights along the way, while the slower class will be inspired by their "elders" to pay attention and focus on their lessons and the advantages which are in store for them. Don't be too disappointed, Beloved Ones, that the promise of being plucked out of your chair and into the healing chambers to experience dramatic change in a moment will not be happening in exactly that way. By raising the vibration on the planet, you have created a new pathway - one in which your transition will be more gradual and which will make drastic shifts and differences between you and your loved ones less difficult. Those who are ascending will know who they are, and will detect the higher state in others in their midst, but those who are less advanced will feel but not fully understand the differences. It is a merciful and more beneficial process, in the long run, and it will avoid the great disruptions and drastic shifts that would have occurred on previous timelines. Mother Earth herself is beginning to experience the leveling effect of a more joyful and loving population, as the massive wars are dwindling, and more hearts are swelling with the hope of peace and prosperity for all. All around the world, hope is on the upswing, and where there is hope, love blossoms. The healing of Mother Earth herself has created a new paradigm - the best outcome we could have hoped for. You see, the healing chamber you looked forward to is right here beneath your feet. You are being healed and changed moment by moment, day by day. You will begin to see that the aging process has slowed, then halted, then it will begin to reverse itself and you will see yourself getting younger. It will not be the sudden transition you had been told to expect, because everything has changed since we alerted you to those possibilities. You and your planet have jumped a number of timelines in the past month. This means that everything will play out differently, and better for the Greater Good. While it may have seemed dramatic and perhaps glamorous to think of yourselves being given an instant "make-over," I assure you that this more gradual transition will allow you to be in complete command of your own ascension process, lifting your own vibration and acclimating to the new feelings and abilities as you go. While this takes a bit longer, it offers you the advantage of learning and absorbing at your own pace, fulfilling your destiny of becoming a member of the Creator Race with all the powers and abilities that come with it. Reach to connect with your Higher Self, and you will be in contact with the greatest healer and the most helpful expert you could want. These abilities you are growing into will develop gradually, something like your growth and expansion from child to adult. However, you are being helped by the incoming powerful energies of the Central Sun, so the process will flow quickly for those whose hearts are fully open. Breathe, Beloved Ones, absorb the loving energy, feel the Light pouring down on you, and open your crown chakra to let it flow. Everything is in flux now, you see. The moment of Truth which occurred a moment ago is already past, and the future is wide open to higher and greater vibrational events. It is not that the things we told you in the past are not true; it is simply that they are no longer true because of the massive changes you have created by raising your vibrations and by helping to heal your beloved Mother Earth. You, Beloved Ones, are now the privileged inhabitants of a great healing ship: Starship Terra! She is becoming a powerful healing force, as she recovers from the trauma of earlier dark times. She is still sustaining drilling and fracking injuries, but the shattering atomic testing has ended, and the great pain of feeling her beloved children at war is subsiding. The Light energies you generate and the healing force of the Central Sun energies have helped her to recover from the dire state she was in just a few months ago. You see, our rescue mission - swooping down to rescue our Lightworkers and to intervene to protect dear Terra will no longer be necessary. You have jumped to a new, more favorable time line, and in doing so you have left behind the traumatic Armageddon scenarios which were possible just a few months ago. You no longer need to be rescued because you have saved yourselves, and you have brought your dear planet through to safety as well. Yes, we did intervene to neutralize nuclear weapons, but without that being public knowledge, you have raised the vibration of the entire planet and made it unnecessary for us to intervene publicly. This has allowed us too to proceed more gradually. You will see our "Peek-a-boo" program unfold naturally - a war-stoppage here, buzzing a city there, making our presence known as the friendly and laid-back Brothers and Sisters who come only to help you achieve peace on your planet. It is a role we thoroughly enjoy. It also gives everyone on the ground time to reassess their priorities, to learn about ascension, and to begin to raise themselves to move with others who are awakening now. So, you see, it has been a win-win situation, as you say. Those who need it can be given more time, and those who are on the first wave will continue to their destiny in higher dimensions. All will proceed as you had been told earlier, but it will be less jarring, and will give you the opportunity to continue to be completely in charge of your own growth and progress. We are overjoyed about your courage and your ability to forge ahead against difficult odds. You are admired greatly. We are also celebrating the gradual and very effective revaluation of currencies project which is going to unfold with as little disruption and chaos as possible. All is moving along even more smoothly than we once expected, and you will be receiving your blessings, along with our encouragement to continue your great good work. It is truly a New Day ahead. As St. Germain has said, it is only a breath away. I am with you always, and I send you my endless Love, looking forward to sunny days and sparkling nights, I am your Father God, the one who is known in higher dimensions as Ra, and whom you have known in the past as Yahweh, Zorra, Jehovah and Allah. Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 11, 2014, 6 PM, New York Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

Thursday, June 5, 2014

MESSAGE FROM SAUL - JOHN SMALLMAN 1ST JUNE 2014 The heat is on and the illusion is melting. 06/01/2014 by John Smallman

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Thursday, April 17, 2014



St. Germain's Update on Portal Construction and Ascension St. Germain: This will be a short message to all who were disappointed at not being able to ascend through the April 15 portal. For some of you it was not for lack of sincerity or preparedness. It may surprise you to know that the portal you will use to make your transition to higher dimensions is a creation of a number of those who are here with you in human bodies. It is a joint effort requiring great technological expertise and commitment, high vibration energies, as well as approval from Above. We are happy that all these elements are present, but the final construction of the portal was not completed by the 15th. It was not obvious to all that the work was not finished until our first wave of souls approached the higher levels within the portal but were unable to make the final transition. It has required the participation and cooperation of many to activate the portal in such a way that it will create the uplifting energies needed to carry all across the finish line. It may sound odd to you, but this is in fact an enormous construction project - one which has been in the planning for thousands of years, but like all complex endeavors, it required some perfecting and testing to insure that it will function perfectly, safely and comfortably. As we have told you often, this kind of massive ascension has not been attempted before, and so it requires special elements which would not be necessary otherwise. We will be testing the newly energized portal this evening. We encourage you all to patiently do your own ascension work, raising your vibration and meditating to accomplish your own transition to higher dimensions. Monitor your every feeling, thought and action to be certain that you are truly prepared to maintain a vibration of Love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and generosity without any lapses into impatience or frustration. How did you respond to the disappointment of not being able to go through the portal? Did you curse God, or yourself, or those of us who gave you this information? Breathe deeply, know that we are here to work on your behalf always, and trust that we do have your best interests at heart, even when it is difficult for you to see the truth of it. Work with us, Beloved Ones. Send your powerful human energy from your hearts into the heart of Mother Earth. In Love and gratitude, energize the crystal which is her heart chakra and part of the source of energy for your ascension. See the glowing pillar of light which is the portal from the heart of Mother Earth to the great Central Sun. Feel yourself a part of the great transition which is ahead for all. Continue to elevate, with peace and joy in your heart, and accept the loving energy which flows from Prime Creator into your heart chakra, connecting you with Creator and with the heart of your dear planet. Know in every cell of your body that We are One. Together we will achieve the great success for which we have prepared so long. I am yours in service to All, St. Germain Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 17, 2014, 5 PM, in flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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HARMONIC ASCENSION 15TH APRIL 2014 Official PosterPoster Copy - PrintPrint - Distribute! For multiple languages go to HealingHealing For Ascension Tour Copy - Save - PrintPrint! Distribute This PosterPoster - Worldwide! For posterposter in multiple languages: HealingHealing For Ascension Tour We Are The World (Poster Text) HARMONIC ASCENSION LET’S CHANGE THE WORLDWORLD Join us to createcreate a wave of Love so powerful it will lift our Planet Earth to a higher plane. In that spirit, we propose a day of Harmonic Ascension when all come together to raise hearts and minds to create peace and prosperity for all. As members of the global community of freefree souls, we declare April 1, 2014 the First Day of the Harmonic Ascension Project. For the next 15 days we will create energetic momentum by dedicating our focused intention on raising our own vibration to the highest level. By doing group meditations, positive affirmations and actions that bring us joy, we will build up ascending energy. This brings us to April 15, the auspicious day of a total lunar eclipse and The FullFull Moon of New Beginnings. Let us usher in the New Golden Age. When we envision the great dream of our hearts, imbuing it with genuine desire, we create that reality, and it then comes to pass. This is called the Law of Attraction. DECLARE IT AND SO IT SHALL BE. CREATE YOUR OWN HARMONIC ASCENSION WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD! Watch for Our Online Event! April 15th 8:00 PM Eastern Copyright © Kathryn E. May, High Falls, New York Ads by Online Browser AdvertisingAd Options Ads by Online Browser AdvertisingAd Options

Thursday, April 3, 2014


HARMONIC ASCENSION Planet Earth Sananda's Meditation for the Harmonic Ascension Channel: Dr Kathryn E May Sunday, March 30 3014 9 Minutes The Meditation: Now, everyone, breathe deeply. Deeply, deeply. Breathe into the deepest place in your heart, further than you’ve ever been before. Breathe into the secret room in your heart, where the connection to your soul is. And there you connect All That Is. Feel the depth of that connection. Once you forge that, in your heart, it can never be broken. And once you forge that connection, you know that you can never be alone, and you can never die. You go on, as does everyone else. All of us, together, create All That Is. Now breathe deeply. Feel that place in your heart, where there is no boundary, there is no barrier, there is no separation. When you go to that place, you feel the electromagnetic energy, of all those beings around you, of all the beings that have ever lived, of all the consciousness in the Universe today, this moment. All consciousness, past, future, present. And through it all, the great loving energy of Prime Creator. In that state, you are God, you are Love, you are Light. Feel the depth of that connection. Breathe deeply. Send that Love that you feel in your heart down into the Earth. Connect, deeply, right into the center of your dear Mother Earth, that is your anchor, that will steady and maintain you always. And now upward, through your crown chakra, reach, up through the Pillar of Light, up through all the layers of all the dimensions, to our great Creator. There is no barrier, no disconnection, you are always connected, able to experience, able to feel our Creator, to absorb pure Love that is so nurturing, so comforting, so peaceful. In this state, beloved ones, you can create anything. And now use that power, feel the passion of your heart, the will that you experience in your solar plexus, hmm, unnamed feeling, “I Can”, “I Am”. And now combine that, with the thoughts, the images, the dreams, that are your fondest wish. Lightworkers always say, “I wish for world peace”. It was not possible in past lifetimes, it is possible now, because everything has changed. It was not possible for us to create world peace, out of this deep place, we were not able to manifest it before, we can now. And so envision, there in that deep place in your heart, envision the entire planet, at peace, where every brother embraces every other brother, every sister smiles on every brother and sister and child, where Prime Creator’s energy imbues and enriches every encounter, every thought, every action. See it, see the peace and camaraderie, and see every table laden with the most glorious fruits and vegetables, flowers, the Elixir of Life for everyone. Picture it, no person on the planet will go hungry, every single being will feel the protection they need, whether it be a forest for the squirrel, a lovely house for a human family, a field of beautiful grass for a horse or a cow, a blue sky for a bird, all will feel nurtured and protected. This vision, beloved ones, you must create every day. And when you do, the vibration of planet Earth will rise. The more you do it, the more it will rise, until we create a crescendo of joy that will ripple around the globe without obstruction, without end. Hold that in your mind, hold it there always. And so it shall be. Official Poster Copy - Print - Distribute! For multiple languages go to Healing For Ascension Tour Copy - Save - Print! Distribute This Poster - Worldwide! For poster in multiple languages: Healing For Ascension Tour We Are The World HARMONIC ASCENSION LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD Join us to create a wave of Love so powerful it will lift our Planet Earth to a higher plane. In that spirit, we propose a day of Harmonic Ascension when all come together to raise hearts and minds to create peace and prosperity for all. As members of the global community of free souls, we declare April 1, 2014 the First Day of the Harmonic Ascension Project. For the next 15 days we will create energetic momentum by dedicating our focused intention on raising our own vibration to the highest level. By doing group meditations, positive affirmations and actions that bring us joy, we will build up ascending energy. This brings us to April 15, the auspicious day of a total lunar eclipse and The Full Moon of New Beginnings. Let us usher in the New Golden Age. When we envision the great dream of our hearts, imbuing it with genuine desire, we create that reality, and it then comes to pass. This is called the Law of Attraction. DECLARE IT AND SO IT SHALL BE. CREATE YOUR OWN HARMONIC ASCENSION WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD! Watch for Our Online Event! April 15th 8:00 PM Eastern

Tuesday, April 1, 2014



*********** With the equinox energies and now the new moon the planet will be going higher in vibration. As each persons vibration goes higher to match the planet some old patterns and stuff may emurge but that will pass as we become accustomed to the higher vibration again ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Operation TruthOut - Flight 370 Update from St. Germain All right, Folks, we are here with you, we are working for you, and everything is underway. You may have thought that the Dark has overtaken the process of change on Mother Earth, but it is not true. In fact, we are making wonderful progress in a much broader way than we had expected to accomplish at this juncture. It was difficult getting the economic Shift underway, but as we have worked with countries around the world, they have begun to see the phenomenal potential for a world which is restructured to stabilize and manage the money supply and the currency valuations in a brand new way. It is beginning to dawn on the leaders of integrity in every country of the world, large and small, that a reasonably valued currency backed by gold, precious metal and other real resources will provide a new environment for world trade. By managing the money supply, it will also absolutely preclude manipulation of the currencies - a trick that has lined the pockets of the wealthiest while stealing from the people. The economic uncertainty and instability which has existed, especially in developing countries, has added to the conflict and competition between countries and has created civil wars between factions. In an environment where nothing is certain, where robbery is a way of life from the top down, there can be no civilization - with the emphasis on civility. The shadow robbers - the Powers That Were - were felt as an omnipresence, especially in areas of the world where people are in touch with their intuitive powers. The overwhelming sense of being controlled, manipulated and misused left everyone on edge, feeling suspicious and paranoid. This was an accurate response to the sadistic Overlords who cared nothing for the people they were robbing of the most basic needs and comforts. Ironically, the places in the world where the most civil conflict and chaos has occurred are often those places where people are most in touch with their rage against oppression. The Shift which is coming is addressing the unrest and the oppression at its roots. The license to steal the world's wealth and hoard it in the hands of a few "filthy rich" families has been revoked. The structure which will take the place of the corporation which was the U.S. government will return not only the United States but all the world to a place where good people can come forward to build a world where all can experience the freedom to work, dream and prosper without having to struggle against an overwhelming force holding them back. You are by now all too familiar with the mystery of missing Flight 370. I wish to assure you once again, in concert with Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, that the passengers and crew are alive, well and very happy in a very beautiful and secure location. We are not going to reveal their exact whereabouts because there are so many now in active pursuit around the globe, but we will tell you they are in no danger. The passengers are very pleased to be part of the historic Operation TruthOut. Our joint efforts will prepare the world for Disclosure of the enormous fleet of airships from many star systems that are here to help humankind in this time of dramatic change. The passengers, by unanimous vote, have expressed the wish to remain with us until such time as the media of the world agree to discuss and present in its entirety the description of their rescue, as described by Ashtar* following the event. There has been a black-out of news coverage concerning the obvious radar recordings, available to the public, which show the galactic ships, disguised as airplanes, zipping across the ocean at top speed, changing direction in mid-flight, hanging suspended for long moments, then disappearing entirely just before the airliner itself vanished. This obvious evidence of "anomalous" radar sightings can only be disregarded by the most careless or the most malevolent among you. What evidence have you seen for the search across the world's oceans? The ping of the transponder was indeed picked up as the plane was being transported within the airship. It only ended when the Galactics decided to end the transmission to protect the safety of the passengers. You see, in your eagerness to see them released, you have not taken into account that they are now eyewitnesses to the very technological mysteries your cabal/oppressors have hidden from you for more than a hundred years. They have seen our powerful and efficient ships which run on simple transformational processes, in complete harmony with the Universe. We have no fossil fuels, no polluting elements at all. We live in perfect comfort and joy, and we have shared our comforts and our information freely. There are a number of well-educated members of the group who are working to understand and memorize the design and manufacture of free energy technology machines which will free all of you from dependence upon oil, gas and even any form of mass electricity generation. So you see, they are walking time bombs from the point of view of the cabal, and would be targets for attack should they be presented to the world without complete protection. However, their large numbers allows for security, just as your own efforts to copy and store Keshe's inventions will protect all involved. We have also enlightened the group of eager passengers about the true condition of the Earth at the present time. They know names, historical facts, and where to find the evidence to prosecute those living criminals who are standing in the way of Earth's progress. So you see, this is not simply a group of airline passengers who need to come home to their families. They are citizens of the world who will bring their gifts to create the change you are all longing for. Their selfless dedication to the common good is truly an admirable service to their fellow humans, and their influence will be felt for all time. They will not return until their safety and the safety of their families can be assured. This brings us to the update I will give you on the RV - the revaluation of currency and the progress we are making on that front. In the context of the serendipitous development of our partnership with the passengers, our expectations for the positive global effects of the Global Currency Reset has increased even more. Within days, the funds will be available to produce free energy devices for the entire planet if the Lightworkers who are receiving this blessing are able to combine forces, and the devices could be brought into use in a matter of weeks. Medical and agricultural improvements will be available with equal speed. The apparent "delays" over the past few days actually involve the expansion of peaceful cooperation and increased protections to provide a secure environment for those who will be blessed by the revaluation event. We are working full speed ahead to dismantle the Federal Reserve and the IRS so that neither taxes nor non-disclosure agreements will be an issue. The enormous group of souls who follow these messages have been energized by the work they are doing - to get the truth out to the media. This energy will carry the day; eventually, the sheer weight of numbers of requests and demands for coverage will find its mark, and a courageous journalist will succeed in breaking through the wall of silence to reveal the Truth. I would like to address the issue of apparently contradictory reports from channelers who have brought messages from Ashtar, and also "Ashtar." Yes, there are seeming differences in the reports, but if you reach beyond the words, you will see there is no contradiction. For instance, a recent message through the one they call Matthew told of the passengers being taken to a very comfortable faraway "planet." Please, beloved ones, read with your eyes and ears and your hearts open, and do not harrass your dedicated messengers with messages of doubt and fear. Use your heartmind to determine which messengers are operating from a position of pure Love. In the light of what I have told you about the security of the passengers, understand that our messages may have to be adapted a bit to the readership and the conditions on the ground. We are not ready for an assault on the passengers and their hosts. There are those on the planet who have advanced technologies which could allow them to pursue and attempt to capture the passengers for their own benefit. We are not looking to create a Galactic WWIII. We will do whatever necessary to insure the success of this mission and the safety of all involved, even if it means we must withhold certain information, or put out what appear to be conflicting details for a time. All this fast-developing news is positive. The changes which arrive one after another will more than make up for the delays you have experienced. For the Greater Good of all, I appeal to you to continue in Faith to raise your vibration. It creates the powerful energy wave for us to ride, as you might say, and it will carry all of us, laughing and cheering, onto the Paradise beach of a completely new shore. We are in this together, Dear Partners, and your participation is crucial. You have new allies and friends working in concert with you, and the results are going to be astonishing! Continue to send out your Press Releases, and use this message from me to alert the world to the reasons for the cover-up of information about the airliner and its passengers. The Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, my friends. Join with us to tell the world of our Operation TruthOut before another week passes. Together, we can make this glorious Shift into the New Golden Age a reality. I offer you endless Love and my devoted service, Your St. Germain Ashtar's description of the rescue of Flight 370 by the Galactics: Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, March 22, 1 pm, New York Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is reproduced in its entirety without deletions or additions, and credit is given to its author and website, Forward this email

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy Your new star nation is destined to create a natural energy that is to finally cement together this galaxy. Immersed in this grand Light, we are to do much to unfold the Creator’s divine plan. by PAO 11 Eb, 15 Ceh, 10 Caban Selamat Balik! We return with some wonderful news! Progress continues! The dark cabal is reaching a point where it needs to surrender. All strategies to disrupt the Light have utterly failed. A set schedule is now in effect to distribute the RV funds and prepare you for your prosperity monies. These efforts will also deliver a new banking system based upon the reporting rules agreed upon years ago. These rules will alter how banks operate and severely limit any kind of bank fraud. When all of this is accomplished, new governance can then freely and legally manifest. This new governance will abolish personal taxation and permit a new business environment to emerge. In this fair environment, presently suppressed inventions can appear. These devices will clean your air, water and sky and make possible a formal disclosure of our sacred mission. First contact is to permit us to travel to your shores and begin a mentoring program that is to lead you to full consciousness. During this time, you are to be reintroduced to the Agarthans. The Agarthans live in a most beautiful realm and have watched over you for the past 13 millennia. Under their watchful eye, the Ascended Masters of your world have arisen. The myriad Sister and Brotherhoods are dedicated to return this globe to the Light. Each of them has contributed to your conscious spiritual growth. Whether under the yoke of the Anunnaki or their multitudes of minions, you have been restricted from easily following the wisdom of these grand spiritual masters. Due to this, a number of your ancestors were forced to adopt beliefs that favored the dark and its Anunnaki masters. Gradually, the Ascended Masters and their Agarthan allies have shone more and more Light on your spiritual affairs. Our arrival in great numbers, just over two decades ago, allowed this great movement to gain spiritual momentum. It is this sacred energy that makes possible the great triumph over the dark. Aiding all of us are those individuals who are appalled by the dark and intend to end their long reign of terror! We now stand at the very edge of manifesting events that are the true preliminaries to your freedom and the rise of new governance. Elements are in play that have already legally forced the dark to relinquish much of its power and prevented large-scale international wars from occurring. The next steps are to end the power of fiat money and shake out the bankers from their lairs. These actions are to set the stage for a permanent prosperity that transforms global poverty and homelessness. It is to replace these horrible scenarios with a jubilee that allows all to get beyond current survival modes and come together at last to creatively solve the pollution and gross depravity that were on the verge of sending you into oblivion. We now are to interact with a people ready to accept its innate spirituality and inner desire to save and protect Gaia. This is to serve you well as you prepare to reunite with your Inner Earth cousins. These events are to make our contact with you important. As you start to reach out and reclaim your spiritual essence, you are also to reconnect with whom you truly are. Your original Lemurian society was built on a model that you carried from the stars. This model is still in effect in Lemuria. Together you are to forge a new galactic prototype that embodies all of the varied forms of Galactic Society that exist throughout the Galactic Federation. That is why it so vital for us to return you to your former full consciousness state. Then you can produce a variant that demonstrates the vitality present throughout this galaxy. This new star nation is destined to create a natural energy that is to finally cement together this galaxy. Immersed in this grand Light, we are to do much to unfold the Creator’s divine plan. Your mission to the former Ancharans is to be an example of the wisdom you have accrued during your long night that has lasted 13 millennia. Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive from Agartha with good news! The events that are to begin to transform your world are here. A number of incidents that slowed this from manifesting are now things of the past. The first few events to occur involve the monetary and financial systems of this globe. The post World War II world has been at the mercy of a number of major nations and banks. These institutions have currently been forced by our associates to relent. Bless all and let it be known that Spirit has moved and the Light has grown stronger! The birth of a new financial system, which is being revealed, is to bring you a grand prosperity and permit the shackles forged by the ravages of personal debt to be removed. A new method to move you to a realm that is beyond money has graciously begun. This realm is to ready you for your blessed transformation into full consciousness. Ever since you were plunged into limited consciousness and then put at the mercy of the dark ones, you have been the victims of hate, division and war. Your ancestors told these sorry tales for countless generations till it seemed to be the norm. You are filled with the Light and Love of Heaven. Your fate is not to suffer needlessly at the manipulative hands of the dark. Rather it is to grow again into the Light and be freed from endless abuse. Then you are to realize your power and use our supervision to push yourselves into the Light and accept the grand gift that you are presently receiving with divine grace. Those who have worked so diligently are most joyous that their sacred tasks give you the means to break free from the heinous clutches of the dark ones. A time for revelry arrives. Be blessed and ready to accept these glorious, sacred events! We are ready, at the right auspicious time, to address you and give numerous insights that can best direct you in your final march into full consciousness. This galactic event is to give you a number of special abilities. You need to have ones assigned to you that can easily bridge your move into a new and most exciting reality. We rejoice at what is now happening to each of you. This final glorious sprint will give a whole host of information about who you are and why you are here. This is to allow you to better understand what is now happening to Lady Gaia and how you can assist her in protecting the countless eco-systems that live both on and in her. This information is to ready you for reunion with your spiritual and space families. Hence rejoice and sing divine Hosannas to Heaven and to our sacred Creator! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Today we gave you a brief view at what is unfolding around you. Be gracious and be prepared to accept what has been so wonderfully given you. The changes happening are only the precursor to our arrival and your formal transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for March Over the years, you have sent us frequent e-mails asking to share Sheldan's experiences aboard motherships and with his many contacts with the Galactic Federation. In response, the PAO is delighted to present this special Webinar... Topics include... • Aboard the Mothership: The Sirians and I • How I First Learned about My Future Mission • My Current Mentors and Contacts • Spiritual Love in Galactic Society • The First Contact Mission Today • Where We Stand Now Sunday, March 23, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT and/or Thursday, March 27, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California time) For your convenience ~ Time Converter Talk to Sheldan Live...simply by using your home computer. After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions. Seats are Limited... Register Now! SHELDAN's STORY: My Experiences Then and Now Cost: $15.00 U.S. HERE'S A COOL WAY TO FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO A FRIEND By clicking on the link “forward to a friend” (found at the bottom right corner of this page) you will preserve the background and the original appearance. Subscribe to receive Sheldan's free weekly updates. Subscribe to our mailing list. Important: Be sure to confirm your registration. 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