Friday, January 23, 2015


BLOSSOM GOODCHILD FEDERATION OF LIGHT JANUARY 23 2015 spiritual reality Good morning! Within me, there seems to be an inner excitement about this year, and yet, I don’t really know why? A sort of expectancy … or maybe, because it’s a new year once again … I am simply full of hope! Anyone home? We are always home. We are always who we are in our TRUTH … which of course is home to us. The same way for you, is it not? When you are full of Love and all is running smoothly in your life … you FEEL you are home. Today shall be a little different once again. In what way? In the ways of bringing about a change of direct contact through these words … and allowing, through you … a more meticulous vantage point in which to get our message across. No idea what you’re on about … to be honest. We would ask Blossom if you would agree to letting go of this way of communicating … to a certain degree and allowing a new scheme to present itself. By all means. What do you need me to do? We need you to flow with the Energy that you are feeling … What, the one that is making me feel as if I am about to drop off? Indeed. So, do I stop writing? For a short while. Should I turn on my recorder? This is advisable. Ok … Quite exciting. Click here. FOL.mp3 Well ... That was a bit unexpected … mmm! Need to think about all that. I feel it is to be developed … This is so. Yet, we are in gratitude for your TRUST and experimenting. From our point of view, it went very smoothly indeed. To be honest, until I listen to it, I cannot really comment. You certainly felt Light. Before, in the few times when you have come through in this way … it was so much more complex in making it happen and in the concentration needed to actually get 'the voice out'. This was very Light … Very easy. It shall evolve ... as has your Direct Voice with White Cloud. Well, I’ll just go with the flow. It felt very naturral. I knew it was you … and happy to go along with whatever you think is the best way to get your messages across. Do you feel a little disgruntled? No, yet, unexpectedly tired. Why do you use the word disgruntled? Look it up. Displeased/disappointed. Not sure what I feel … I just feel normal, I guess. Same as I did when White Cloud first came through. We smile for we know. Know what? Where we are heading. Which is? To a place that you had not imagined. Remember Blossom … we are not ‘wonderment’ … We are LIFE … We are LOVE … Just as everything that breathes. Were you expecting so much more from us today … when you felt we were to speak once again? Perhaps so. Dearie me! What am I like? The fact that you are even speaking through me should be enough … and with such pace and ease. Think back to your first communications with White Cloud … How differently they are presented now … 15 years together have made us a good team. Blossom … our friend … our co-worker … we do not come through you to amaze and stun. WE COME THROUGH YOU TO ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY WE CAN … IN REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE HERE. We desire only that you recall fully … THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE. That is our upmost intention. Anything alongside of that is superfluous. Really? Indeed. For in remembering and rediscovering your TRUE soul purpose … TO BE WHO YOU ARE … there is nothing else that is needed for you to know. It simply doesn’t matter. I thought you were going to say … it is ‘irrelevant’. It is! THE ONLY THING THAT WILL EVER MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOU ... IS HOW MUCH YOU CHOOSE TO LOVE YOURSELF AND THERFORE LOVE OTHERS IN THE SAME WAY. Over and over and over and over again we say to you … THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. Yet, souls seek knowledge … about so many things. It keeps us amused (if that’s the right word). We are not saying not to do so … we are saying nothing else matters. Ah yes! I remember that track! You know, on some level of me … I TRULY do get /accept all this. For I reckon the more we concentrate on the LOVE BUG … the quicker the world that we desire to live in shall present itself. THIS WORLD YOU WANT … IS A WAY OF LIFE … You want general well-being … You want ALL LIFE to live in harmony … It is already here for you … YOU JUST HAVE TO BE IT. THIS NEW WORLD IS NOT ELSEWHERE … IT IS WITHIN YOU. IT IS YOU. All you need do is surrender unto the LOVE that you are. LOVE in its complete form. BE LOVE. ONLY LOVE. THEN SHALL YOU HAVE WHAT YOU DESIRE. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Yet, we make it so complex. Then don’t. Ok! Struth. It’s been an interesting channelling today. I feel perhaps once again we have raised the bar. Anything left you want to say before we close? We desire only to serve the whole. We choose to … because we are ONE. It is a fascinating concept of TRUTH … and when understood … there is nothing as magnificent. Tickety Boo … I’ll read this back now and have a listen to what you said … and see how I feel about it all. Many thanks. * A little foot note. I listened back to the recording. A little strange for me as they came through and spoke very quickly and indeed in 'my' poshest voice! It is odd for me to listen to ... yet, it confirms that it is them, not me ... because, being a professional actress ... believe me ... if I was faking it ... I would have done a much better job! Gotta laugh! And ... no ... I don't live inside an aviary!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

1/15/15 Michael's Profound Planetary Vision

Article Link 1/15/15 Michael's Profound Planetary Vision I must share a very powerful and beautiful Vision that I experienced last night (Thurs., Jan. 15, 2015), while my partner, Laura and I were meditating with another couple, close friends of ours. I feel this vision was intended, from God and the Higher Light Forces, to confirm that the GCR/RV is indeed about to occur and to share this with everyone.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sananda: Yucatán Activations, Anchoring and Preparation for The New Atlantis

Sananda: Yucatán Activations, Anchoring and Preparation for The New Atlantis It is I, Sananda. I am eager to talk with you about the profound shifts taking place on the planet at this time. Things are really starting to move, and I want to give you a picture of what we see from our vantage point here on the ships. As some of you already know, I accompanied our three Masters, Marlène, Kathryn and Mary, on their journey to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico this past week. My brothers Ashtar and Raphael were there for the trip too, and the six of us worked together, creating a smooth connection and a powerful energy resource. We combined energies with the Divine Feminine beings on the ground, linking our Galactic essences to humankind through the powerful rainbow bridge, above and below, as you might say, and as we did that, the women anchored our combined power deeply into Mother Terra. This energy connection was created at each of the sacred Mayan sites we visited across the Yucatán, and so the sites themselves were reactivated and reconnected, revitalized and brought to the present moment in their full power. It was as if the power of the Mayan people of ancient times, who were so close to God and to their Earthly beginnings, was reborn. The result was, literally, Earth-shaking. The rumblings and stretching of Mother Terra herself is being felt across the globe, as she expands to accept the increasing Light. Part of the profound shift in energies was created by the conscious recognition on the part of Marlène, who was originally asked to organize this trip, of the mission to connect Galactic, Human and Inner Earth forces to create a sense of One. In addition to that, the awareness of the women that there were other energies that needed to be addressed added to the clearing and healing. This released thousands of years of pent-up energies, to now be used as part of the flow of Light that will anchor 5th dimensional energies and sustain the changes moving into the Golden Age. Let me explain. Each of the women was sensitive to the ebb and flow of energies in slightly different ways, according to their special gifts and training. Marlène feels the Galactic influence strongly, and is able to envision and direct our cosmic higher dimensional energies to establish and expand permanent portals from the planet to our Heavenly dimensions. Kathryn feels the strong presence of humans who have gone before and will come after and is able to clear the injuries and oppression that have left such dark energies within the surface - literally in the soil, the rocks and the air you breathe and the thoughts you are thinking. Mary feels strong connections with flora, fauna, and the Cetacean Nation. She is able to hear the sounds of the ancients who came before, and to feel the urgings of their souls yearning for freedom and healing. Together, they joined to bring Galactic, human and Agarthan energies from the past, present and future to bring the message of Love across time, distance and cultural boundaries, and finally, to reconcile the energies of Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine in a new way of peace, respect and reciprocity. Just as our Galactic energies complimented their human presence, our separate soul identities joined as One in service to Source, the Creator of all Creation. You might wonder why we asked them at this time to go to the Yucatán, as opposed to other sacred sites in the world. We might say first that it was not instead of any other locale, but because it was reasonably close to home for them, since they were all together in New York at the time, and because we all have strong emotional connections to the area since it is strongly connected to the energies of Atlantis. Ashtar incarnated in Mexico as Pacal Votán, astronomer, astrologer and leader of the Mayan people. He began in that lifetime to teach the principles and practices which would lead the people toward Ascension. It is his great pleasure (as he is telling me now) to have come with us on this present day journey to continue the work to free his beloved people from the bonds of colonialism and to further raise the consciousness of the Mexican people, who continue to feel the deep spirituality of their ancestors. The pyramids of the Mayan people are directly related to the Egyptian pyramids in that both reflect the deep knowledge of the stars that was brought from Atlantis by the high priests who carried that knowledge to far-flung parts of the planet in the last days before the sinking of the lost continent. None wished to recreate the disastrous misuse of technologies that occurred in Atlantis, and so the teachings were inscribed in the stones as messages to future humanity to be used when the Earth had finally evolved to a high enough level of spirituality to once again be entrusted with it. That time has come, Beloved Ones. This week, Ashtar, Raphael and I, in the company of all the Masters and great teachers of Heaven, have come forward to teach and to lead you toward the great revelation of spiritual and scientific knowledge that has been foretold by many of us in our incarnate lifetimes here on Earth. Many have complained that nothing has changed since 2012, and indeed much is still to be done, but it would be difficult for anyone to now deny the enormous shift in consciousness that has led this week to the historic uprising in France, as millions of people took to the streets in response to radical "religious" terrorism. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as we walked the pathways through Coba, Ek Balam and Chichen Itza where warriors had their training grounds, we brought peace, healing and forgiveness to lay to rest the conflicts between Mayan city states and later between indigenous people and Colonial invaders. As this consciousness of Unity was anchored deep into the heart of Mother Earth, the energy of Light pulsed through her crystalline veins - and the meaning of Peace, which is based in the consciousness of Oneness, flowed like quicksilver throughout the body of our beloved planet. It ignited the feelings of brotherly and sisterly Love which will soon unite humankind with your Inner Earth and Galactic Brothers and Sisters. At the Temple of Venus in Uxmal, we celebrated the energies of the Kumaras, our family of Light, who brought their Galactic influence to the Yucatán. There Kathryn felt our presence strongly, and all recognized the celebration of the Divine Feminine which is inherent in our Kumaran culture. There we healed the souls of the guardians of the land who had remained to watch over their heritage, freeing the refugees who had suffered and fled from war but who could not rest, to move into the Light at last. You are now witnessing the cresting of the wave which began as the Arab Spring in 2011 and has now matured as a march to express Liberty, Fraternity and Equality among all the peoples of the world. It is just the first phase of the Unity that grows out of chaos in the presence of Love. You will be seeing more of this new pattern of Light-inspired responses to deliberately instigated dark acts of terror and destruction. It is the powerful antidote to fear, enslavement and oppression - the triumph of Light over Darkness that is the natural response to the continuing waves of Light from the Great Central Sun, and the crystallization of your DNA. The work we did this week has created pathways on the surface, portals above and below, and has reactivated long-slumbering electromagnetic channels between and among the pyramids, which are vital communication and travel connections for the navigation of our Galactic ships. It also completed work done over the past two years by Marlene in Bimini, when she led a group to activate the Emerald Crystal, and by Kathryn in Puerto Rico, where they activated the enormous El Yunque crystal deposits. The third point of the triangle connecting these sites was Isla Mujeres, the easternmost point in Mexico, where our trio of women went with others to join the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. Isla Mujeres (The Isle of Women) was known as a sacred monument to the Goddess Ix Chel, the Goddess of Fertility, Medicine and Childbirth. Is it not fitting that this small island in the Caribbean Sea would have been recognized by the Mayan people as a point of great power and creativity? It is the anchor point - the birth canal, you might say, from which Mother Terra will give birth to the New Atlantis. And so the currents of history that were agitated by ideas and actions based in fear, competition, lack, mistrust and hatred are being smoothed and eased away, absorbed into the crescendo of Love, compassion, sharing, faith, forgiveness and reconciliation which is the foundation of the New Golden Age. We are aware that there will be upheaval in the process of this massive change toward Light. It is inevitable that some unsettling events will transpire in the process of changing all the systems and institutions that have held the structures of oppression and slavery in place. This is our reason for coming to you now to keep you informed, to encourage you to join with us in raising the vibration further each day, and to help mitigate the chaos by bringing in the steady flow of Light that will carry us through this transition phase. There will be further journeys like this one, as we ask our beloved "boots on the ground" to continue this work with us, joining Galactic, Surface and Inner Earth energies in preparation for the monumental events to come this year. We are so grateful, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, for your participation in this historic shift. Lightworkers across the globe have worked tirelessly for years in service to this Great Plan, and now you can see and feel the effect of your efforts. The ranks of Lightworkers grows daily as more awaken to the dawning of the new era. It is as we have promised, Dearest Ones, and we will see it growing and expanding now, as the exponential effects of our work takes hold. Join with us in joy and celebration as we march together, raising our voices in praise of the great Creator who has inspired us and the sheer exuberance that propels us always onward, always upward in our great Ascension of souls. At your side, ever into the Light, I am your Sananda, together with my brothers Ashtar and Raphael and the Company of Heaven. Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, January 12, 2015, New York Your generous donations to support our work are greatly appreciated. Go to and send to via "friend or family." We send thanks and much gratitude to those who have generously supported us. We could not have continued without your help, which we trust will pay our expenses for this trip and more to come. The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus Like us on Facebook: Who Needs Light Internet Radio shows with archives: Every Wednesday, 8 pm EDT Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light? Subscribe/Sign up to these messages Archives of written channelings Permission is given to copy and share these message, providing they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, Translations must be approved by the author and the scribe.