Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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Saturday, November 23, 2013


This image taken November 16 shows ISON's atmosphere with two wing-like features. For orientation, the comet's nucleus position is shown as a bright spot in the center. ~ Wendelstein Observatory of the LMU/MPS
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Friday, November 15, 2013


BLOSSOM GOODCHILD November 13th 2013 I had planned to chat with you tomorrow yet the house is quiet for a few hours, so hoping we can chat now. Are you about, knowing this is a sudden decision? Indeed ... and IN DEED we come offering words of assistance to guide you through. Presuming you mean 'guide us through' the next phase of this planets evolution? INDEED! You know, a lot of people have written in telling of a 'Oneness ' experience they have encountered. Coming about either through a near death experience or meditation or just plain lying there in bed and suddenly WHAM! There they were ... in this ALL UNDERSTANDING... ALL KNOWING EUPHORORIC 'space'. Perhaps then, this is to be the FEELING we can expect when The Event takes place? This would be precisely the experience! Yet we ask one to take note that as individuals ... the experience will be different for each ... depending ... as we have said ... on the level of consciousness one has already attained. So would it not be that for many who are wide awake ... they would have more or less the 'same' thing happen to them? Here you have us once again lost in wording. For each soul upon Earth at this time has chosen to 'experience' a 'reality' of their choice ... therefore that which they 'choose' to experience during this coming EVENT ... shall be one of their choice. REALLY? How does that work then? When one watches a fireworks display ... one may 'ooh and aah' ... So everyone assumes they are 'oohing and aahing' because everyone is experiencing the same thing. Yet the experience is not felt or viewed the same as another due to ones individuality. That is not to say however that there is not the same level of 'oohing and aahing' in astonishment of beauty ... yet each will 'experience' it differently ... more through how the perceived spectacle affects the souls heart space. Therefore ... that which one 'perceives' throughout THE EVENT shall be FELT differently ... according to ones choice of how they wish to perceive it. Can you elaborate a little? Surely from what you have said ... ALL will be in awe and more or less fall to bended knee? How can one then be seeing it so differently from another? Because of your choice. Because of your journey so far... because of who you are. Yet we state categorically that ALL will be understood and ones 'reality' in that AMAZING MOMENT THROUGH MOMENT shall leave no doubt within the entire BEING of the self ... that they have just witnessed something that NEVER BEFORE has taken place ... No matter how they choose to receive it. For this that is to come has indeed NEVER TAKEN PLACE ... EVER ... BEFORE. We ask you in your minds to FEEL such a moment ... in preparation for what is to come. Yet how can we FEEL it if we have never before experienced it? You can take in deep breaths of LOVE and appreciation into your heart centre ... Your heart centre will KNOW of that which you are preparing for and assist you in building up to it . Someone asked if we shall experience 'times' of 'ALMOST FEELING' that which is to come ... rather than it all of a sudden just hitting us. Could this be the case? We would certainly agree. We spoke of 'Heralding in The Event' ... Yet one shall have KNOWLEDGE of its possible outcome before it arrives ... deriving from the visions and breath- taking moments that are to precede it. For as we have already spoken of ... The Energy of what is to come is FAR TOO STRONG not to be FELT before it arrives 'AS ITSELF'. I know you cannot give too much of the game away ... so therefore I will respect that and not be too inquisitive. The last time or time before, you suggested that it was agreed that I would let you know how it was down here ... To give you an overview and I often have over the years ... In all honesty I really PRAY from the deepest place within me ... a heartfelt prayer that this EVENT takes place in the not too distant future (from our perspective of time). As you will know in the last week much death and destruction has taken place in one of Earths countries and what those left behind must be suffering at this time one cannot possibly comprehend. There is such a mishmash of energies throughout our world and THE LIGHTED ONES in human form are pretty tired whilst working in ones sleep etc to dissipate such heaviness. SO TRULY THE SOONER IT CAN BE IMMINENT THE BETTER!!!!! We accept that much is not how one would desire it to be. Yet we bring you joy in words of 'changes' that are just around the corner. Marvellous, yet as I wrote in reply to a soul only this week ... it would depend of course on how long the street is! Sometimes ... if one allows the indulgence to really 'go there' in their heart ... to the places that some souls are having to endure at this time ... the pain would really be too much to bare ... THIS IS WHY we so desperately are needing the change to take place soon. For we have certainly had more than enough of what life shouldn't be like and are SO SO SO VERY ready to experience life as we KNOW in our KNOWING it should be. And you shall. You certainly shall. What this Event shall do is exactly that. Allow you to move into a way of life that life was designed to be. LOVING LIFE FOR ALL THAT IT HAS TO OFFER IN THE HIGHEST ASPECT OF LOVE AND FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. The benefits of every breath shall become apparent ... For we decree ... That THE EVENT is just the beginning. Once the Highest Energies are settled ... bit by bit ... this then allows 'the parade' as you call it Blossom ... to ensue. Once your atmospherics have adjusted to the Higher voltage ... then this will enable so much more 'of the show' to present itself. So that eventually ... that which follows on ... shall become more or less commonplace as 'time' as YOU KNOW IT ... continues. Yet we add also ... that even your very concept of 'time' shall 'appear' differently to you. We can only put it in the sense of it 'slowing down almost to a standstill' ... or this is how it shall FEEL to you. And yet ... is it not that over the years 'time' has really speeded up .. to the point that we have lost many hours in a normal day without even realizing . This is so ... and yet it is not 'time' of course that has hurried along ... for you aware ones KNOW that there is no time ... yet it is the change in speed and velocity ... Ooh steady Neddy!!! ... Don't get too scientific on me ... or we'll lose the link!!! ... that are making your days 'appear' shorter ... and 'they are' because of that very change. Yet ... 'AS' ... THE EVENT takes place ... you will experience a time of no time. In a sense ... as if time WILL stand still. No-one on the planet will be FEELING as if they need 'IT' to hurry up and be over because they have to get back to work!!!!!!!!! Am I to assume that after such a HUGE HAPPENING ... ALL activities shall stop for a time? We understand that which you are meaning ... activities of the normal everyday perspective shall certainly /definitely cease for quite a while ... FOR NOTHING SHALL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. Much that seemed so very important in one's life shall have little or no importance at all ... ever AGAIN . Many will find themselves GREATLY CHANGED. GREATLY TRANSPARENT. Dearest Blossom ... it is difficult to even begin to speak of the changes that one shall find within themselves . Oh go on ... give it a whirl!! For those who are quite advanced in understanding at this time ... after THE EVENT they shall be able to look into the windows of the soul and KNOW what another is thinking and FEELING. Ooh. That could be a bit dodgy!! Yet not so ... because THE ENERGY that this EVENT carries within it ... shall change ones thoughts and FEELINGS to such a degree that there shall be very few that still remain in the old pattern of thinking. For THIS LOVE BUG shall transform ones BEING into a far deeper space of KNOWING WHAT LOVE IS. One will no longer WISH to judge another and the moment they do so ... they will ask for immediate forgiveness from themselves. For their KNOWING of LOVE ITSELF shall be the greatest teacher. Once one has FELT the 'Energy Presence' of 'LOVE ITSELF' ... it cannot be forgotten and becomes the master of all tuition for all that is HOLY. Mmm! Would you define 'Holy' for me ... rather than me look up the True definition from my mate Google ... who I have to say is probably almost as knowledgeable as you ... yet little FEELING there ... So my money's on you! I KNOW my version of what it means. We would describe the word 'HOLY' to express absolute reverence of the HIGHEST ORDER. Good one. Your starter for ten! How would you express in words what that HIGHEST ORDER is? We would continue by stating that the HIGHEST ORDER is that which you KNOW to be the ultimate best behaviour /performance of who you are. For you shall acknowledge within you a different kind of 'reverence'. Your FEELINGS shall be in awe of YOUR FEELINGS! Only few upon your planet in comparison to all that reside upon it ... have experienced that FEELING of ONENESS as was discussed at the beginning of this conversation ... and yet we would add that there is even more of that FEELING ... beyond that which they experienced ... that is to come. For as a collective experience the 'Voice of wisdom' shall be greatly heightened. Voice of wisdom? May I be as bold as to pursue? You have! Yet we answer in Truth that we simply cannot reveal the FULL nature of that which is to come. WE WOULD NOT WISH TO SPOIL THE SURPRIZE FIRST AND FOREMOST. YET IT IS NECESSARY FOR SOULS OF EARTH TO BE PREPARED FOR THE ARRIVAL OF THE EVENT TO A CERTAIN DEGREE ... THE FOUNDATIONS MUST BE SET ... AND THEY HAVE BEEN. YOU ... DEAREST ONES ... ARE THE GROUNDING FORCE. YOU ... ARE SO VERY CLOSE TO THIS HOMECOMING. YOU ... HAVE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION. THE FINISHING LINE IS ABOUT TO BE TOUCHED AND THE RIBBON SNAPPED AS YOU PUSH THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE OF ... IT ALL. I do FEEL this as TRUTH in my heart ... and I don't mind when it happens ... for I KNOW IT WILL ... and when it does ... it will be the perfect time ... even though time itself does not exist. ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. THIS WE ARE LEARNING TO UNDERSTAND ... NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON. Many thanks once again of course. To be continued the next time we chat ... IN LOVE and gratitude. Bloss xxx