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The hollow earth network will be broadcasting on BBS Radio starting Mon Jan 2nd 5 pm PST -

about 10 am Tue 3rd our time.


2012 the year of transistion beginning of a new consciousness for our planet.These energies have been coming to our planet for many years now, the year of 2012 they will become stronger and more frequent.

Time will speed up, each time this happens is a TAP or time acceleration point. It is said we will have many more of these in 2012 than ever before.

At each one of these points the frequency vibrates faster. The term" the quickening" has been used for many years to explain this. To help us to do this and have a smoother transistion into this new energy doing relaxation exercises or meditiation will help you adjust to this, you can start for as little a time as 5 min or even 1 min and then add more time as you go, include your children in this as well , for the very young you may want to call it quiet time, this quiet time is not necessarily going to sleep, that can be done at your usual time, one of the easiest ways to start this is to just listen to your breath in and out and slow down your breathing.

Web link for this and any other info on this subject.

Scoll down for info on TAPs for 2012

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Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2011

By Devin thru Jelaila Starr
Written January 2, 2011

Hello dear friends,

It is that time when I tune in and speak with the 9D Nibiruans through Devin, their spokesperson, to get their perspective on the year ahead. Normally this conversation is written as a channeled message from Devin, but this time Devin has requested that we change to a Q/A format. Why , I’m not sure, but as I have learned over the 15+ years of working with him, there is a reason. The Q/A began with a general question about the year and then moved into specific areas.

Jelaila: Greetings, Devin. I am ready. What would you like to say about the coming year, Devin?

Devin: Thank you, my dear.


Devin: First, we wish to discuss the physical changes taking place on your world. Let us say that though they appear to be extraordinary in some cases, in light of where Earth is in its processional journey they are normal. In fact, when compared to some of the more difficult past cycles, they are mild. By this time, Earth would have already experienced a poleshift.

In regards to a pole shift, projecting out along the timelines, we do not see a one occurring. In fact, we haven’t for some time. The reason is that humankind successfully altered their timeline (after 9/11), in essence, creating a new one. The new timeline does include planetary shifts but not a pole shift. No passing of Nibiru occurs without at least minor earth changes. The changes we see in your future will cleanse and recalibrate the more toxic areas. These are mainly coastlines and areas where tectonic plates connect…but not all.

Jelaila: So, no pole shift. That’s good news!

Devin: Yes, we agree, and just so those who read this will know, Though we and other off-world groups provided education, we cannot claim credit; humankind created this change on their own. This means that you can continue to alter the future by continuing to shift your consciousness from that of disempowered victim to empowered creator god/goddess.

Jelaila: The bottom line then is more of the same in regards to earth changes but not as intense as predicted. Additionally, we can further minimize the changes by shifting our consciousness. In other words, take responsibility for all in our reality knowing that we are not victims but creators of it all. We just have to figure out why we created it. Is that correct?

Devin: Yes. The more fear you clear the safer you and your future will be. You see, safety is not something created outside of you, but inside. As you have learned through quantum science, your thoughts and feelings are what create your reality. If you are projecting fear, you will draw more reasons to feel fear. If, on the other hand, you are projecting calm, relaxed energy, you will draw more reasons to feel calm and relaxed. It is completely up to you. That is why we and many others encourage you to look at your “inner worlds” and “clean house” as you say. We encourage you to take responsibility for all that is in your reality regardless of whether you understand how you created it. Taking responsibility means taking back and owning the power that was used to create the event.

Jelaila: Is there anything you’d like to say about the governmental systems? I’m sure that is a question many would like answered.

Devin: As you know we don’t involve ourselves in the more mundane affairs since we know they are the product of humankind’s consciousness and thus cannot be altered by anyone but humankind. That is why our focus has been to help change your consciousness by providing higher dimensional education. With that said, the systems will radically change in months ahead. I cannot tell you much but something very massive is about to occur…something that we see will radically impact every man, woman and child. It will not be one huge event but a series of interconnected events. An analogy would be the way one domino causes a chain reaction causing all the other dominoes to fall. Look to China to be at the forefront.

Whether the impact of these events is positive or negative will once again depend on the individual’s level of consciousness. Furthermore, this is why you, Jelaila, are still in a holding pattern. The pieces are still coming together. Take this opportunity to focus inward, doing any clearing necessary to be in alignment the highest aspect of these coming events. If you do so it will be as though you catapulted your consciousness and that will create additional levels of safety for you.

Jelailaa: Okay, Devin. I have to say it’s a relief to know that this extended holding pattern has a purpose. Thanks. I get to antsy sometimes and I find myself struggling with bouts of fear, depression and despair…guess that’s the inner work you are talking about.

Speaking of Nibiru, what do you have to say about its return? I get asked that question just about every day now. In fact, it appears that various well-known channels are now jumping on the Nibiru bandwagon.

Devin: Jelaila, you know that we don’t feel when the planet will return should be the focus. Instead it should be altering consciousness since doing so can influence the impact of Nibiru’s effects on your world. Still, we are aware that many want an answer.

As we have stated, Nibiru and its entourage of moons and asteroids (it is a mini solar system) is approaching your planet and will eventually be visible to the naked eye. Those in the southern hemisphere will see Nibiru first followed by those in the northern hemisphere. When this will occur remains questionable because it is determined by two factors; the consciousness of both humankind and the Nibiruans and dimensional location. Allow us to explain.

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The Lemurian Connection

The Lemurian Connection web site has been set up to act as a focal point for bringing together individuals from around the world who have a common interest in sharing information received from Telos and the Lemurian teachings.

The Lemurian Connection has no affiliation to any religion or sect. Our aim is to help each other in opening our collective creative consciousness to create a world which enables us to live in peace and harmony, with the perspective of a better understanding of the human fraternity. We aim for universal love and unity regrouping all races and all nations into one big family.

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Patricia Cori speaks to Freedom Central in Amsterdam - First Interview

This was the very first time we met and interviewed Patricia Cori, who claims to be a scribe to the Sirian High Counci since 1997. Her books, The Sirian Revelations are channeled teachings from the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, who are sixth-dimentional beings dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness.

Patricia is a flamboyant, eccentric and outrageous woman who has an important message for humanity.

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Spiritual Side of UFOs

Part 1

Part 2

3 years ago
Virgil Armstrong Seminar Discussion on ufos use of crystals to raise the frequencies of the planet. The planet that is called wormwood coming back

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THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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The Inner Earth , LeMurians, Yeti , Devics & UFO's

July 20, 2008

Metatron . 'The Inner Earth , LeMurians, Yeti , Devics & UFO's'
AA Metatron Channel
through James Tyberonn

'The Inner Earth , LeMurians, Yeti , Devics & UFO's'

Greetings Beloved! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome each
of you to these living words. I embrace each of you in love.

Now you think of your planet as being a solid sphere, but Dear Ones,
indeed, your planet is flattened at its poles, and contains great
chasms within it, that house what you term lost civilizations. Your
planet has been determined by your geologist to be 4.5 billion years
old, and we tell you that that is close to being accurate within the
laws of your science. What your scientist do not understand is that
dimensionality influences the laws of your science. From a different
dimensionality, your planet would be a conglomerate of many earths,
concentrically juxtaposed with infinity of parallel probabilities, you

Question: Much has been said about underground civilizations, do these
exist, and if so where?

Metatron: Indeed the do exist, and have for a very long time. There is
a race of humanoid beings, that originated at the time of LeMuria and
at a later phase in Atlantis, who found means to enter into the hollow
chasms of your earth. There are vast hollow expanses within your
planet that were once connected by vast tunnel networks. Those beings
that first entered were of the lighter body form, a physical form not
as dense as those surface humans have since evolved into on the
surface. Those of LeMuria first entered in these crevices in initially
to escape the rampage of what you term dinosaurs that over ran their
continent for a long period of time. In time they discovered a
profound areas of tranquility and profound e beauty as the adapted.
This was how, they learned that an inner sun , in a manner of speaking
exists as the ventured deeper. The inner sun emits a form of blue
light, and the ancient LeMurians, in semi physical etheric bodies
developed a means to see within this light, and discovered an amazing
beauty in the chasms. Some of you think that the LeMurians ascended,
the truth is they descended into the earth, but are very close to what
may be termed their completion, or Ascension.

There are literally dozens of inner earth caverns beneath the areas of
Arizona, Nevada and California. Many of these have been stumbled upon
by humans within your past century. These exist in the area of the
Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, the area you term Area 51 and Death Valley in
California. The indigenous peoples now termed Hopi, Navajo and
Havasupai still retain legends and indeed some knowledge of these
caverns and tunnels.

Now it should be noted that within what is termed the inner earth, the
increased pressures and magnetics of gravitational and tectonic forces
create a unique and specific vector template that allow for greater
tangibility, greater anchoring of what you would term dimensional
parallels. Therefore, there are actually concentricities within the
earth that allow for multiple overlays of inner dimensions. In truth
these exist everywhere in the Universe as you know it, and exist on
the surface of the planet, but are considerably less tangible on the
surface for the reasons of electromagnetic and pressure densities that
we have given.

Let us say that within the earth the energetic template becomes more
focal within the mantles, and allow for many more dimensions to exist,
more pixels of life force, of etherium are concentrated. In a crude
comparison, it would be like comparing a television receiving an
antennae signal compared to one receiving a cable or satellite signal,
the former being the template of the surface of your planet, the
latter the interior. So as such, more channels are available, and
available in richer definition, but we are speaking of parallel
dimensions when we use the term channels.

So accordingly, there are within the earth separate parallels,
succinctly juxtaposed side by side, and in concentric overlay, that
allow different life forms to co exist without truly interfacing per
say. And just as many channels are available within your same
television unit, so there are many planes of parallel dimension
existing within the same earth. In fact many of the extra terrestrials
who maintain bases within the earth, do so within such parallel
frequencial templates, that can be termed as hologramic. Do you

So there are many life forms within the concentricities of the earth,
many of whom have been here far longer than mankind, many of whom
consider themselves entitled to earth as much as you do. But in truth
the ones most closely aligned to humankind would be those of ancient

Question: Where do these beings live, and what are they like.

Metatron: Indeed, these beings of LeMuria are far more highly evolved
in spirit than you are at this time. There bodies are, as I have said,
less dense, but are indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue
of green and in some cases a green blue, because the water they drink
is highly mineral in content, containing oxidized copper and other
metals in a higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing
no religion other than the love of source, and an understanding of
what is termed great tranquility. They are quite aware of you, but
have no desire to intermingle. Why you may ask? Because of several
reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your violent
nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development. They
are aware of your physical diseases, some of which could potentially
infect them, and are they quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let
us say they have evolved into beings that have set a unique course,
and are close to completing its sojourn. There bodies are sustained by
a crystalline magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted
from your planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to
harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and
spiritual sustenance. Although they are in physical biology, it is a
4th dimensional biology and thus far less dense than your own. Many of
them are quite adept in what you term teleportation.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner
world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been
messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of
the coming changes. As we have said, those of the inner world are on a
different course, a different time cycle, and one that is close to

You have asked where these inner chasms are located. Keeping in mind
the dimensional parallel aspect, we answer you that in your terms, the
greater concentrations of these chasms are in lands below the seas,
but there are pockets that exist below every landmass. The
northwestern regions of the United States, the mountains of Arkansas,
New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Britain, Europe,
the Himalayas, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America,
China, Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and Sri Lanka all contain sub
surface colonies.

Question: How deep do they live within the Earth, and does the Earth
have access points to these inner hollows?

Metatron: We have stated entry points occur at the poles, and in many
apertures upon the planets surface. It is impossible to define how
deep, as truly they are parallel, in dimensional terms and measurement
in your physical terms is not truly valid. Some of the smaller chasms
and communites are quite near the surface, but , the major hollow
chasms in your terms would be some 20 miles below the mantle surface
and some as deep as one hundred miles. (Your geologist would find this
hard to imagine because of the interpretation of pressure and heat,
but we tell you these places exist, and life exists in them through
regimenting force fields.)

But these distances are relative to parallel multidimensionality . If,
for example, you were to enter one of the polar dimensional regions or
one of your triangulated dimensional passages, into a parallel Earth,
in a different space-time continuum, how far would you truly be from
the point you entered it? The answer is in inches and eons, depending
upon the stance you view it from. The closest science to accurately
encompass the infinity of worlds is quantum physics, and that science
is only beginning to be understood in scientific communities on earth.
The paradigm much change as well as the geometric and mathematical
base before this science can be accurately deciphered on your plane.

The primary entrances to the inner hollows of the planet are through
the Polar Regions. The expanded dimensional aspect of your multi
dimensional earth(s) are quantumly connected at the poles. It is the
magnetically flattened aspect of the Polar Regions that allows for the
hollow chasms in the planetary sphere. Your Admiral Byrd wrote of
flying over this region and seeing tropical lands of flowing rivers.
We tell you that he did dimensionally pass for a brief timeless period
into the parallel aspect of the hollow earth, and that he and others
did so on several occasions. At the Polar Regions dimensional
hyper-transport can occur under a range of specific conditions. The
polar aperture dimensional transport occurs somewhat like traversing a
steep conical inclined field, and elliptically flipping. The sensation
is that of suddenly being 'flat' again, or parallel to the surface. In
fact one is then indeed in a parallel dimension. Those in the inner
Earth exist in such space. Many races and beings exist in your
'multidimensional' earth. Including many that you term extra
terrestrials, who would claim citizenry of your planet just as
convincingly as you do. Indeed they have in most cases been on the
earth longer than mankind.

Question: Does this include the beings we refer to as Yeti and Devic?

Metatron: It does not. These beings also exist, but are not among the
LeMurians and early Atlanteans that ventured into the inner earth.

Question: Can you tell us about the Yeti, and are these they same as
the beings called Bigfoot?

Metatron: These you refer to as Yeti or those termed, Bigfoot, are
earlier versions of the genetic experiment on Earth, primarily from
the phase of Atlantis some 200,000 years ago. At that time there were
many genetic experiments on your planet. These beings are intelligent,
but genetically impaired. These massive forms were genetically created
using human DNA with that of the ape to create a laboring humanoid
beast, a beast with greater intelligence, human like intelligence, but
with imposed genetic wiring or implants that 'unplugged' certain areas
of the brain. These are survivors of what you term 'the others' of
Atlantis. These are remnants of beings cruelly created for work force
within mines, farms and forestry. The areas of their brains that
allow for emotion, and expansive thinking has been artificially
impaired within their codes, yet it is the same source that inhabits
these diminishing creatures that is within the dolphin, yet within
their bodies it is unable to find expression or mentally evolve beyond
certain limits. Yet they do possess that termed divine intelligence.
Only within physical strength and survival instinct mechanisms, are
they able to sustain and grow.

These beings do not live in the inner chasms of the Earth. They live
in caves and remote mountains and within your deep forest and
swamplands. They are nocturnal beings. They are a race that is
dwindling, shall we say, and in time will no longer exist. These
beings have great fear of humans, and expereince a great sadness and
confusion as to their evolvement. They cautiously watch you, they know
they are your brothers, and with baited anxiety and want to be closer
to you, but are intelligent enough to know they cannot. Their bodies
have evolved to allow them through the massing of thick hair, and
thick oily skins to live in extreme locations, and here they live out
their final era of life. Their spirits no longer wish to complete, as
their genetic limitations are such that they cannot evolve.

If you were to look within the eyes of one of these beings, you would
feel a great sadness.

Question: Are you saying that Yeti are the same spirit source as dolphins?

Metatron: Indeed. But be clear, it is same source, not the same
expression, in fact far from it. You see, these creatures do not
express the same vivid emotion, intelligence and joy as do the
dolphin, because the bodies in which they are entrapped, does not
allow them to. You may wonder why such spirits would choose to inhabit
such restricted physical vehicles, and the answer is that fewer and
fewer choose to do so, and soon they will no longer exist as a
species. These beings are capable of expressing great strength in
survival, and love for one another, but have decided to vacate this
expression. If man continues to soil the oceans, and slaughter the
magnicient energies of whale and dolphin, so will these magnificent
brothers vacate this role. You have no idea of the light energy that
whales and dolphins exert into your seas.

Would it surprise you to know that many of you exist as dolphins, both
in the present and past. You do so to perform a great service to the
planet and mankind.

You see, the grid alignments, powernodes, and white holes that exist
on your planet do not just exist on dry land, most of them exist, in
fact on over and under waters. Dolphins, primarily, and in a few cases
whales, align their energies to these sites in assisting to balance
the energy of your planet.

That which is termed the Devic Kingdom, has far more life expressions
with the oceans and lakes, than on rock, land plant and soil.

Question: What is the Devic Kingdom?

Metatron: That which we term the Devic Kingdom, are essentially
fragmental aspects of the elemental, mineral and plant kingdom that
find conscious dynamic expression through vehicles of electro magnetic
energy. Some devic forms are more advanced than others. Those of the
Fae possess divine intelligence, whilst others of the devic realm are
more like your animals, in terms of thought patterns and group
consciousness. Not all devic forms are, what you may think of as
positive or benevolent in nature. Some are consciousnesses sourced
from electromagnetic fields and as such both positive and negative are
required to balance the electrical spectrum you see. Some view mankind
as brothers, others do not. Some are supremely loving, others are
somewhat malicious, from your perspective. Yet both are electrical
life forms in a manner of speaking.

Masters, all forms of life are sacred, and it is appropriate as you
grow in consciousness to attempt to understand the myriad of the great
mystery. Remember to grow in light requires eliminating fear, and
breaking the paradigm of limiting systems of belief.

Question: You spoke earlier of extra terrestrial beings having bases
within inner dimensions o earth, and that these occur in holographic
dimensions. Many report seeing such craft, yet it seems to me that if
they are in other planes, they would not be easily sensed or seen. Are
their crafts visible to humankind? Please explain.

Metatron: This is a complex question. Now, let us explain in this
manner; beings from other dimensions, other planes, other times and
other worlds have absolutely manifested and appeared among humankind,
both in the past and present. Their 'appearance' , their ability to be
perceived by the 'naked eye' is sometimes completely by accident, and
in rare situations, quite deliberate. In the former, just as humans
have quite accidentally blundered through the sequential time curtain
between the fields of your present, past and future, so have 'extra
terrestrial' life forms and beings materialized by happenstance into
the divisional frequencial membrane between one parallel or
dimensional plane and another. Usually when they have done so they
were invisible on your plane, as the few of you who fell into the
past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of that time
era. This rare phenomena triggers an immediate expansion of
subconscious to conscious awareness that is catapulted into activation
by the migration into different folds of time sequence. It is
initiated straight from the multidimensional core of the entity, and
is evidence, although quite disturbing to the one experiencing it at
the time, that all such dimensional boundaries and paradigms are for
practical purposes only. You see, there are differing sciences,
different physics for each dimension, just as there are different
approaches and paths of science and physics available to mankind in
his current reality. Sciences that would have led to very different
concepts have been largely ignored. There are a alternative approaches
to physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation and
locomotion than your accepted mainstream science understands or wishes
to understand. Had the human species gone into certain mental
disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored exterior technological
'laws', your knowledge, means and resulting transportation system
would be vastly different, and far more efficient than it is now. You
have embraced the external and to some degree dismissed the capacities
of your 'internal abilities' within divine consciousness.

Now , when mankind decides to devote mainstream study into what is
termed the science of transport and bi-location, and indeed it is a
science with laws that can be learned and practiced and indeed fine
tuned, then visitations into parallels and vectors within time and
space will become less accidental and occur by design, by plan. Once
mankind learns and masters 'mental physics' then they will be
liberated, vastly liberated from the filtering illusion, the duality
camouflage of physical pattern. Indeed you are just starting to
understand how the Merkabah and Merkivah when tuned by mind as the
builder into the crystalline field, unlocks this key. This is part of
what will become somewhat enhanced as your 144 Grid and its networking
of crystalline energy will offer to those of you willing to devote
focus to this divine science. You see all science must include the
divine, and it is grossly omitted by your mainstream academics in the

So back to your query, back to the topic, the interesting point about
mankind's claimed sightings of extra terrestrial crafts, or in your
vernacular 'flying saucers' is not that they are there, but that so
many claim to actually see them. Some do, but few and very rarely.
And those that do, often are 'seeing ' them in what may be termed
expanded consciousness, not in normal eyesight. The fact that most
craft are traveling within a field of parallel dimension shields
visibility, in your terms, by the very frequencial camouflage of its
planar dimensional separation. So in real terms the vast majority of
such craft do not and cannot physically manifest in your dimension,
as such what is seen, in the circumstances that they are actually seen
is a refraction, an energetic reflection of them in your dimension as
the enter into the earthen dimensional spectrums at the moment of
slowing from light velocities and space-hole folds. The atoms, plasma
and molecules that structurally compose the 'Spacecraft' are
themselves formed by the physical pattern structurally bonded and
physically aligned according to the succinct nature and pattern of its
own dimensional turf, its original territorial reality. Now as the
craft enters your plane a sharp distortion occurs. Its actual
structure is caught in a dilemma of form between transforming itself
completely into earth's particular reality texture, and retaining its
original pattern. The human observer attempts to correlate what is
'seen' within the belief system of what he accepts as credibly
possible in the universe.

Thus the end result of what the earthly viewer believes he sees is
something between an oddly shaped craft and airplane, enshrouded in
spinning lights, but in truth is neither. The craft retains what it
can of its original structure and changes what it must as it
transmutes its structure to the laws of the new dimensional plane.
Because the human sees the same image and interprets it individually
according to their beliefs and light quotient, many of the claims and
reports as to shape, size, and color differ dramatically. The few
times the craft shoots off at right angles, it has managed to retain
functions ordinary to it in its particular habitat.

So of the appearances that seem so 'real' in your terms, are at best
distortions. Most crafts come from realities and planes of existence
that are far more advanced in technological sciences than earth at
this time. The ones that appear to you, even in distorted form, are
not originating from what we would term the higher planes of pure
thought manifestation, or a consciousness -science plane. Therefore
the camouflage paraphernalia refraction seems somewhat more visible.
These crafts that do come deliberately into your dimensions do so only
transiently for very brief periods because such inner space vehicles
cannot stay on your plane for prolonged time. This is due to the
tremendous tensel stresses that pressure the crafts structural
integrity, and indeed these are imminently capable of creating
catastrophic pressures that result in vaporizing dematerialization.
The need to materially transform structural compliance with the
physical laws of a differing dimensional plane is a practical
necessity, and at this time the flying saucer craft simply cannot stay
any indefinite period. A crude comparison is that of your submarines
exceeding their depth limit, and struggling to remain intact before
succumbing to the pressures. Do you understand?

So the fleeting shapes seen are wry isomorphic veneers of the true
structure. Often what humans reportedly see is the saucer form or the
oblong cigar shape, but in truth these are skewed perceptions that
have virtually no relation to the actual crafts intricate design, as
it would appear within its home base and planar architectural construct.

We tell you that many humans are so convinced of these appearances,
that they oft create the image themselves. How many of you as children
actually saw your Santa Clause in the skies leading his sleigh of
reindeer. Indeed your Santa Clause does exist, does have awareness,
because you fed that thought form life through your system of belief.
Indeed do many of your 'fictional' characters have awareness and exist
as thought forms created by mass though energy. Do you see how
creative you are. Indeed it is an aspect of your 'mental science'
abilities achieved, manifested in system of belief.

Yet do not misunderstand, extra terrestrial life is teeming in the
Cosmos, and many exist indeed in and within your earth. Not just
within multidimensionality , but some, especially your seeding
ancestors work closely with you in the ascension and development of
the earth. Among the most prominent of these benevolent beings are
those of the Pleades, Sirius A and B, Andromeda and Arcturius. Indeed
many of you existed in Atlantis as these beings, and co exist in the
NOW, in parallel as these beings. We have told you this before.

Indeed these beings are capable of existing physically in your world,
and have done so for eons of time, but this is more often than not
done through the science of mental transformation, mental mastery.
Their ships however, do not appear in your dimension as many of you
imagine. In truth these beings utilize what is termed stargate
technologies to assist them in materializing, somewhat as the 'beam'
transport system in your 'Star-Trek' program.

Now, interdimensional planes can and do intermix on many planets, such
as but not limited to your Earth, and they do so often without the
awareness or conscious knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular
planes involved. Few humans are currently conscious of their
multidimensional realities. The entire concept of your earth having
internal civilizations, visitors with bases, and extraterrestrial
inhabitants is quite alien to you, if you will forgive the pun!

You see dimensional parallel planes are often hologramic in nature. As
such they can exist devoid of space. They are not truly a 'place' in
your vernacular or concept of location. A parallel hologramic plane
may be inserted into a specific time as a mental reality. It can be a
specific stand-alone reality that is capable of existing separately,
but this does not lessen its validity by any means. In fact many of
your Christos dramas are such purposeful holgramic inserts. Hologramic
inserts may exist for a time and then disappear because it is not an
actual Cosmic location per se. A holgramic insert is formed for
entities as gestalt patterns for emotional fulfillment and lessons on
various levels.

Humans often discount the great importance and validity of emotion and
imagination. Both are critical in mental science. In a real sense,
emotional states and what you term imaginative dreams are dimensional
planes. In fact, the comparative analogy of a dimensional plane with
an emotional state is much more congruous and valid than that between
a plane and a specific vector location or what you would term a place,
because in truth neither emotional states or dimensional planes occupy
space as you define it.

Now, the Pleadeans and Sirians who are your primary genetic source
work very closely with humankind. These benevolent extraterrestrials
have worked with you in the past, present and future, in your terms in
many efforts to assist mankind regain their true mastery. These beings
work with your gravitational fields, grids and ley, vortex and portal
systems, especially in the ongoing revamping of earths dimensional
access upgrade. Accordingly they have developed means of co existing
with you to some extent, and are capable of manifesting forms to live
within and on your earth. They often form bio plasmic spheres coded
with information to assist you in myriad ways. Some of your symbolic
geometric crop circles are one of these ways. These are emitted
primarily through concentrated light-thought manifestations that
combine with earths electromagnetic fields to form programmed
geometric symbols. These are highly electrical in nature, as any
empath who has sat in a newly formed crop circle can attest to the
tangible buzz of the energy within them.


We close by saying to you that all life originates from light, and
that light originates from consciousness. From thought! Your mission
on the Earth is to experience duality, to grow, to learn, to seek
light. Your purpose is to experience life and to seek understanding.
To make known the mystery, you will find that love is the vibration of
all creativity, and that seeking knowledge, true knowledge is a key
element of growth.

Now, certain filters within your conscious mind are in place both by
your genetic construction and your purpose within your space-time
continuum. How could you truly focus on one experience within the
chosen illusion of linear duality if you were at the same time aware
of being in other dimensions, living parallel 'NOW' lives. You see it
is not the purpose of the ego self to do so.

But these filters are surpassed by entering the back brain, the
crystalline field! You now have the knowledge to be greater. But know
that the greater knowledge is gained by seeking through the meditative
mind, the God Brain, and feeding this knowledge into the computer you
call the conscious mind. Learn to operate in both!

We have told you that Love is the key. Love is in truth a language of
light, and it exist in many advanced formats. We have told you that
Unconditional Love is the highest form of Love, and that it cannot
truly be grasped in the third dimension. It can be imagined but not
truly realized in 3d. This is not to say that Unconditional Love does
not exist for you, or is not accessible on the earth plane, indeed it
is, but it expresses itself in 5th dimension and higher. The concept
may be confusing to you, because you think you have experienced
Unconditional Love. That is accurate because you have, you can and you
do. But you are not experiencing it in the duality of the third
dimension. The third dimension is a conditional dimension, and it is
deeply programmed, intricately designed in polarity. Love has its
polar opposite in 3d, as does light, as does all within the
electromagnetic spectrum. Unconditional Love is in effect expereinced
within the zero point field, and thus does not have polarity. The
field of zero point is not one of duality or polarity. The 'lowest'
dimensional template that allows for experiential aspects of
Unconditional Love is 5d , and that (and above) is where you have
always experienced it. Do you understand?

Dear Ones, as you grow, we tell you on a higher level, you are indeed
already fully aware of the intricate thousands of all your soul's
expansive expressions. It is through that which you call the
subconscious that is the spark of God, and all of you can access it by
quieting the conscious mind. Through work ! Through effort! Through
achieving impeccability. It is a beautiful dream, and its is as
complex as Metatron's 12 dimensional cube! Make known the mystery!

I am Metatron and You are Beloved!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


"The objective is to create a morphic field of resonance that has great power and will raise the vibration of the planet. -- Kerry Cassidy - Project Camelot

Bayuali : Dialogue of energies in the universe.
Knowledge that has remained intact since the time of the Pharaohs is now being shared with humanity to assist in restoring balance to our world.
Indigenous people around the world are reading the signs that our planet and humanity are out of balance.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conscious Living

DMT, Anastasia and the Banning of Nature

Conscious living, live foods, why we are meant to eat fruits, vegies,herb etc

Max Igan radio interview Sydney Australia Feb 2011 Prt 1&2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Current shift in energies and Secrets of alchemy2011

Radio interview BBS radio 2/7/2011

Dr. Michael P. Mau, Ph.D., returns to bring us up to date on the current shift in energies, a potential timeline for a global financial upheaval, and the incoming rise in consciousness. Combining deep wisdom with humor, he offers practical tools, both during the show and on his site, for gaining mastery and centering our inner energies. Michael has written several books on 2012, under the auspices of the "Sanctus Germanus Prophecies". Having been intimately involved with the World Bank and global finances, his shift to spiritual leadership provides special insight into the problems the world faces now. I highly recommend visiting his site, for numerous free articles, podcasts and breaking information. This is an esoteric treasure trove of sacred information. You can find his website here:


Interview 30/7/2011


Guest JAY WEIDNER returns to reveal ancient secrets of Alchemy, how to create the Philosopher's Stone, the famed Elixer of Life, concealed by secret societies for thousands of years. An online free ebook, called The Book of Aquarius, provides detailed instructions on this inexpensive method to create "the Stone". He encourages everyone to download the book and print it out, for safe keeping. This portends the Golden Age, or Age of Aquarius, when humans concentrate the invisible forces of CHI to restore health, longevity, psychic powers and reconnection to Gaia-Sophia. We also discuss the Brotherhood of Saturn, the moon matrix, the secret space program and Arthur C. Clarke. sex-cults, Kubrick murdered, storytelling with films, A.I., pedophilia, Archons, bear symbolism, NASA, the real space program, Saturnian Society, JPL, the ringmakers, hexagonal rings on Saturn, Jupiter, Zeus, Saturn, Set, Buzz Aldrin comments on the Monolith Phobos, Lord of the Rings, Iapateus, Sargon, rings of Saturn, time trap and more.

You can download the free ebook from Jay's site, with a detailed explanation on this vital information and potential, here: sBegun.html.
Be sure to check out Jay and Sharron's vast collection of Sacred Mysteries DVD's here: partment52.cfm. There is a wealth of free information and links on both sites. This is a paradigm shifting show not to miss!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sasquach and earth changes 2012

Blogtalk radio

Michael discusses Sasquatch and Spirituality, which also happens to be the title of Michael's special guest, Thomas Huge's Internet show, on Blog Talk Radio ( Thomas shares many fascinating and enlightening insights and personal experiences of telepathically communicating with and physically & interdimensionally interacting with this very evolved Guardian of Earth, and the "Hairy Folk" or Bigfoot's role in the upcoming Earth changes of 2012 and beyond.

Listen live Col Billie Woodard tonight 20/08/2011 and 21st

Tonight and live calls, tomorrow blogtalk radio

USA times

Now, here is the call information:

Saturday Morning!

8:00 AM Pacific! - 11:00 AM Eastern!

1-712-432-3066 + 426672

Let's all sign on early and get off to a fast start. There have been lots of sightings, so the "show" is ready to begin

recorded calls page

21st aug

Listen to internet radio with Sasquatch Spirit on Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sheldian Nidle UPDATE AUG 2 2011

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Dratzo! We return! Everywhere, your world is undergoing transformation. Those in charge of manifesting this new reality are in meetings. The purpose of these working sessions is to put into effect the new governmental and monetary systems

Monday, August 1, 2011

UFOTV Presents... / The New World Order and the Dalai Lama

Looking past a Post Apocalyptic or Capitalists, Fascist Dictatorial World View, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet presents his view on how a New World Order should look, where human beings are not used as a fuel source and as a people, we can move away from a century of violence, to a new century of dialog.

In this presentation, the Dalai Lama offers a far-reaching vision of the universal harmony that awaits in the celebration of diversity. Our future is dependent on our ability to build relationships and communities that bind us to more holistic, common aspirations. To help it grow, the Dalai Lama urges us to begin by fostering caring and respect for the many spiritual and cultural traditions in our world. Only by nurturing and teaching our children and each other, and protecting the world we share, will we move from a century of violence to a new century of dialog in which individual efforts create a mass movement toward a world of lasting peace and freedom.

The Dalai Lama: Harmony In Diversity - NOW on DVD, Cat#U586 - Go to
UFO UFOTV UFOTVstudios Dalai Lama Dali Lama New World Order politics conspiracy mind spirit
Standard YouTube Licence

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coast to coast Radio Interview Hollow Earth

Author Rodney Cluff(1) shared his beliefs that the Hollow Earth Theory is real. He suggested that through openings in both the North and South polar regions, one can enter into a vast inner continent that is lit by an internal sun.
From witness testimonies such as that of Olaf Jansen(2), a 19th century Norwegian, Cluff presented a variety of data about the inner earth world. Vegetation is very lush there, he said-- apples grow can grow as large as a person's head, and grapes are the size of oranges. The inhabitants are also quite large, from 7 to 15 ft. tall and can live up to 800 years old, Cluff detailed. Rather than aliens, he believes they are descendants from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Through their technology they have built "flying saucers" manned by androids, he noted.
Cluff has teamed up with Steve Currey's expedition company and is planning a 24-day trip aboard a Russian Nuclear IceBreaker that hopes to enter the North polar opening and proceed into the inner earth world. The proposed voyage is planned for June 2006. More info is at

Interview 2004

Photos of hollow earth openings

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Conference Talk inner Earth Recording

1st hour of June 2011 Conference talk with discussions about Inner Earth and Q&A
If you wish to listen to the rest of this one and any others follow the links for recordings on the Inner Earth Network website on previous posts.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We had the time to have an extensive conversation about current events, the move through 4D into 5 and how that is affecting the way we experience the world.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sheldian Nidle Webinar March 2011

This webinar was created with the intention of sharing some of our ideas and beliefs about our galactic family in space and those living among us. Also, this presentation contains a brief overview of Sheldan Nidle and his mission, definition of terms, our galactic origins, the involvement of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy in first contact, the changes on Earth, in our chakras and DNA, and in our governments as we prepare for our global shift in consciousness.

Mother Earth and the 5th Dimension

The Earth herself has now shifted fully into the new Fifth-dimensional Timeline, but as an act of Grace, she is allowing the Third-dimensional Timeline to continue and to co-exist with the new timeline up until 2012. The population of Earth thus has time to adjust to the new frequency and timeline. Both will be available as options until mid 2012, when the old Third-dimensional timeline will be collapsed as the Earth begins her journey through the 2012 Timegate into the the "No Time/Infinity Frequency" or the zone of Infinite Consciousness. At this time, all on the Earth will begin preparation for the giant leap of "conscious evolution" into the New Age of Light and Peace.

Patricia Cori - ET council seeded homo sapiens as intelligent beings with 12 strand DNA

Uploaded by ExopoliticsTV on 3 May 2011
A consortium of advanced intelligent upper-dimensional extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional civilizations originally developed homo sapiens as an intelligent being with12-strand DNA, and a species that was to have been a guardian of the 3rd dimension of time-space in our dimensional ecology on Earth.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hollow Earth Network


Welcome to the Website


Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard

Born in Hollow Earth as a 5th Dimensional Being;

In 1951, deposited here on the Surface as a 3rd dimensional infant.

Today Billie continues to fulfill his intended Mission.


The extended 1947 Mission of Admiral Byrd:
After his return to the Surface in 1947, Admiral Byrd was prevented from publicizing his knowledge that the Earth is hollow; that the Earth has a large population of highly evolved benevolent 5th Dimensional Beings residing within who will soon be contacting us. That we are all one family and will soon be working and expanding our lives together.

Billie and his twin sister were born shortly after that, and four years later, in 1951, began their destined Surface Mission to educate us that ...

Hollow Earth and Area 51-Interview with Col Woodard-Pt 1 of 8

Take an interesting journey with Col. Woodard who spent 11 years 28 stories down under Area 51 and had...well, let's say he had some interesting experiences with some beings not from our neighborhood. Like most things in life, we are learning that our reality is much stranger and mysterious than we could ever imagine so keep an open mind and discernment is probably useful also.